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Halloween at the Sea Life Centre!


There’s Something Spooky In The Water At Sea Life Brighton!

This October, Sea Life Brighton is inviting visitors to uncover the secrets of the dark and dangerous deep, at its Spooky Seas event (15 – 31 October).

The aquarium’s fright-fest will offer a range of interactive activities to engage and enthral visitors, including a pumpkin hunt and creepy codebreaking. Those who successfully decipher the code will also get to experience the Yucky Dip, with the chance to win great prizes. 

During the event, visitors will also come face to face with some of the seas’ freakiest creatures, from piranhas with razor sharp teeth to devil crabs, batfish, wolf-fish and even vampire tangs.

However, Spooky Seas hopes to show visitors that the real horrors of the deep are man-made. Even a Great White Shark looks like a timid goldfish when compared to the terror caused by pollution, over-fishing and other damage caused to the oceans by humans. 

General Manager, Max Leviston commented: “Sharks, eels, giant crabs and many others are seen as the ‘scary’ creatures of the sea.  We’re here to dispel this myth and show that humans are even scarier.  We’re the ones that are polluting their home and having a negative impact on the environment as a whole.

“Spooky Seas is a fun event for all the family this Halloween – but at its core is the message that sea creatures are beautiful, intelligent creatures, and we humans are threatening their existence.”

With daily talks and stunning displays Sea Life Brighton offers a fun packed day out for visitors of all ages – ideal for this October half term. 

To find out more and book online, please visit: www.visitsealife.com/brighton.

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