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Police Close Flat


Closure order puts problem flat in Bexhill-on-Sea out of bounds to occupants and visitors

Short shrift is being given to those who behave in a seriously and persistent anti-social manner to the detriment of their neighbours’ quality of life.

A recent example occurred on Wednesday (20 July) when Hastings magistrates issued a three-month closure order on a towwn centre flat in Bexhill-on-Sea.

The occupants and their visitors had indulged in noisy, alcohol-fuelled parties and abusive behaviour which had a significant impact on others living around them.

The court accepted that an order under the new Anti Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 was the correct course to take to prevent further nuisance and disorder.

Police Close Flat

It means that no one is allowed to enter the property in Wilton Road for three months. Anyone doing so commits a criminal offence.
Inspector Dan Russell, of Rother police, said: 

We’ve been working with Rother District Council to reduce the anti-social behaviour associated with this particular flat and to improve the quality of life of others living nearby.

Due to the ongoing serious nuisance and disorder it was felt that an application to the courts for a closure order was the correct option.It should serve as a clear warning that neither the police nor the local authority will tolerate such behaviour.

Most people in the district respect their neighbours. Those who don’t can expect us to take appropriate action.

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