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Television Review Of The Nick


By Steve

I watched “The Nick” this evening in order to see how the ITV programme reflected reality.

It was pathetic and highlighted why our police force in no way protects our communities and concentrates upon the issues that are important to ordinary working people.

Anyone looking at the programme would feel more at home with the “Bill” rather than a local force that was serving the public. It appeared to be a game played by officers pretending to be TV stars rather than people in public service serving the community.

Anybody in Brighton with knowledge of their local community could provide more information on the availability and use of class A drugs than that in the TV documentary. The problem is that when this information is provided to the Sussex Police they rarely act.

It is hardly worth commenting on the “prowler” who gave himself up and the investigation into a “glassing” incident that has not been resolved. Anyone aware of hate crimes in Brighton will know of the lack of effective investigation by our police force.

The key to effective policing is a genuine working relationship with local communities and an end to the macho, aggressive, and confrontational behaviour evident in the programme this evening.

If this programme was intended as good PR it failed and it is about time we saw proper community policing and an end to the cuts in the number of officers on the beat. We need the police to work with our community.

Sign the petition to Brighton and Hove City Council calling for support for Neighbourhood policing.


For it to be discussed at the full Council Meeting on 22 October it requires the support of at least 1,250 local citizens.

Sign up at present.brighton-hove.gov.uk/mgEPetitionDisplay.aspx…

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