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By William Mills

12 August 2015

All I can say after reading my earlier entry written in a chilly May how necessary it is to get out and about.

Since then I’ve had  a wonderful trip to Cowes to cover the British Classic Week. Some poor sod up the mast really had something to moan about!

I also had a memorable trip up to Manchester to visit Magenta, our arts editor, and this included a pleasant day out looking at canal boats. So life is good!

We never know what’s just around the corner.

Tuesday 19 May

Editor William Mills
Editor William Mills

Is my life similar to a SuperMax prisoner?

I sit in my basement room chained to the computer wondering if my life is so very different from that of a prisoner  in an American SuperMax prison hidden out in the Colorado wilderness.

He would have his four walls to look at. I have mine. He at least has his guards to watch over him whereas I have no-one. A prison guard brings his breakfast. My housemate rushes through on her way to work.

He goes to the prison gym for a workout. I walk down to the town centre swimming baths. In the deep end there is a small patch of sunlight filtering through. Maybe the prisoner gets to glimpse the sun through a glass covered grill too?

We have another thing in common. I notice a blond woman swimming past. She has her blond hair up in a bun. Her figure encased in a black one piece swimsuit. The SuperMax prisoner isn’t allowed to touch her. Neither am I. Well, her determined, purposeful stroke seems to prohibit all touching and thoughts there associated.

Both I and the SuperMax can wonder who she is and where she will go for both of us will never know.

I shower in the cubicle wondering if the SuperMax’s looks very different. White tiles, grey floor and green formica door.

Outside I’m free in the fresh air. Alas, the sun has long gone. Indeed it has actually started to rain so I hurry home to get indoors again, and back to my cell.


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