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Eastenders Stars Visit Brighton


By William Mills

Pauline McLynn and Ashley Kumar visited Brighton to promote their new play coming to town in June.

Pauline McLynn
Pauline McLynn


The Theatre Royal Brighton hosted a tea party yesterday for selected guests to meet the stars in the new adaptation of East Is East.

Pauline McLynn, who starred in Father Ted as Mrs Doyle and Shameless before joining the cast of Eastenders in May 2014.

What goes on in Brighton stays in Brighton…. If there is blame to be apportioned everyone will know how to spell my name.

She said to the delighted audience pointing at the poster giving her the top billing.

We are totally delighted to be kicking off in Brighton and it is a great city beloved of us all, and to be bringing a show that I can genuinely say will be a great night out. This is one for everyone. I was talking to some lovely young Brighton people and they were saying that they had recently seen the movie, and I have to say the play comes first in my mind. It’s better and a far finer experience than the film which in itself was wonderful.

Asked what she will most like about Brighton? She replied;

I grew up in the West Coast of Ireland near the sea and I love walking along the beach and talking to myself with everyone saying ‘I saw Pauline having a great row with herself.’

Pauline McLynn and Ashley Kumar
Pauline McLynn and Ashley Kumar


Ashley Kumar plays Todd Taylor in Eastenders and is also starring in East is East.


Ashley Kumar
Ashley Kumar


I watched the film 50 times as I was growing up and it is very similar to my own background so it speaks to me culturally and is something I can relate to. I was so delighted when I got the part. I just love it and it speaks to my heart. It is so funny and heartwarming. It blends humour and drama so beautifully in this family.

My Dad was born in India but moved to Manchester when he was seven-my Mum was from Liverpool. I was born and raised in London but some of the rhythm and the language of Manchester is in the play and I  go there quite a lot to see family so it is kinda in me.

I genuinely come to Brighton as often as I can. I’m one of those who come here people who turn up when the sun comes out. I was actually in Brighton when I got the call for the part. I went from West End audition and I’d come straight down with a friend and was having a pint.

East is East is a universal play but ti has an overriding Mancurian/ Salford feel-That is where it is set. That is the heart which beats through this play.

East Is East comes to the Theatre Royal Brighton between 11 and 20 June 2015

see our preview;


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