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Joe Tansey
Joe Tansey

Joe has worked in and around politics and government all his life and knows his way in and out of Town Hall machinations. Here are his thoughts and his opinions expressed are his own; 

Joe wrote on 23/10/14


Some say Trade Unions, others employers (i.e. City Council). I say both. This is an unnecessary power struggle in what used to be called the workers against the bosses. This dispute is not about a handful, and yes it is a handful of workers who think they should get more money (don’t we all) and weak insipid bosses who cry we can’t afford while giving themselves a pay rise. This is back to bad old days. We the Union are out to screw the bosses and the people so we can show our power, whatever the cost to the public.
Of one thing we can be certain, it is only you and I that will suffer. We are the people who pay Council Tax for services not provided, rubbish outside our front door and all streets , the strikers get paid, half a day in the sun , half a day in the the pub, by their Trade Union. Councillors, i.e. the employers have meetings, free buffet and increased allowances. If workers are not prepared to do their job they were employed for, simple answer, get rid of them. It is not as if the wage they get is poor.

Hundreds, if not thousands of people in Brighton and Hove would like their pay packet. Workers asked for the job, and got it, on a wage that was evaluated and agreed on. Not on the basis of now I have a good job and good salary I want more because my mate who drives a smaller van get more than me.

So what can our weak insipid Councillors and Council Officials do? Stand up a be counted, represent the people who elected them and in case of officials pay their fat salaries. It has been done in the past with success.

Sir Malby Crofton told striking binmen in Kensington & Chelsea in 1973, you have a good job, you have a good wage, we cannot pay you any more. Go back to work and serve the the people, if not he would do a streak down the High St. and collect the rubbish himself.

Result the workers went back to normal working the next day, no pay increase. On a personal note I was involved in refuse collection dispute in North Tyneside. Rubbish massing on the streets, high rise blocks of flat with rubbish shutes blocked. What did we do? Stood up for the public, brought in a private company that cleared the streets and the estates.

That was on a Thursday, by the Friday all workforce was working normal, no incentives, no extra pay. The time has come when Councillors, Heads of Department and officials must  have conviction and do what is right for all citizens of the City.

A simple message, pack our bags and go, you are no use to us. As for Trade Unions, can we trust them? No.

Should we take them seriously, yes. Certainly defend and get better working conditions and rights for all working people. I am not anti union.

Can we support disruption to services, power without  responsibility and a fat salary? No this is use and abuse of their position, how many of us have a subsidised house, chauffeur driven car, six figured salary and the ability to inflict misery on others?

Joe wrote on 17/10/14-
Well at long last we have the Cameron red line on immigration. The big bazooka has been fired.Now the question to be asked is can he deliver? Personally I fear not.Can he reverse the freedom of movement in E.U. states? No,because any rights we had to curtail them were gladly and freely given away by the Blair Labour Government.So what can Cameron do? Nothing at present that stops E.U. nationals coming into this country.However this country could and should, within E.U. rules introduce laws the would make it less welcoming to come to the U.KA few examples, that are within the law, no Child Benefits, Housing Benefits, Medical Services(other than emergencies) nor Job Seekers Allowances and Housing Benefits until a 18 month residence has been achieved. Then only given after it was proved the person had worked, paid tax and N.I. for a qualifying period.The same rules should apply to any U.K. citizen that wants to live in other E.U. states.
Could work permits be the answer? Yes in theory no in practice, we do not have enough personnel to police it and we have too many unscrupulous employers to obey it.Could we go down the Australian way of a points system of entry? Possibly, but again it would be hard to enforce, and could be self defeating.Let us as other E.U. states do, be selective in what we accept from Brussles. Only enforce what is good for this country and dismiss any rule, regulation by-law, whatever that weakens our sovereignty.Can we trust Cameron and the Conservative Party to fight for what we and U.K. want? Without doubt a resounding yes.Can they get what we want? I don’t think so. Well ask yourself who can? The Labour Party want migrant votes to win seats and increase their majorities.Lib/Dems seem to be  washed out  who want all that is Europe and power at any price.

Will UKIP  stand up for this country? They’ve had the chance with their M.E.P.’s to vote against all E.U. rules. But what do we get from them? The worst attendance and voting records in the European Parliament.

It is easy to smile, shout your mouth off, have a fag and a pint. It is another story to fight for the rights of our country. UKIP do the former very well, but in the later they are a cowardly disgrace.

So what are we left with? Cameron to do his best for our country, which he will. Then put the outcome of negotiations to the electorate.

Only Conservatives will give the people their say.

Labour are not interested in a referendum, and won’t  let the people have their say. The Lib/Dems are all in favour of  Europe.

UKIP , the all smiling fag and pint party have no Parliamentary power or EU clout.

It seems we must trust Cameron to do a Dunkirk. If the UK fights alone once again, then maybe another D-Day will be attained.

If we don’t get what we want then we say goodbye and leave the EU.
From then on to Europe we say please don’t ask for our help with your next financial crisis. You abused our friendship.

Now we will re-unite with our true friends The Commonwealth and U.S.A.

Joe wrote on 16/10/14-


As we approach the election season local politicians will be asking, what is our legacy?
Can I offer some to the Green Party Councillors.
Brighton seafront a filthy rundown disgrace.
Traffic in the City at a standstill.
Re-cycling of all items on the downturn
Parking charges forever rising., Sunday in church and Monday
Business vehicles shackled and slower because of new road layouts.
Cycle lanes faster and growing in abundance.
Public open spaces and parks abondoned.
Travellers welcome with first class amenities. Local residents told, get on your bike.
Rubbish left uncollected while Councillors collect increased allowances.
Liesure facilities remain to rot, but because we neglected our roads they are now open air swimming pools.
Increased population with more children, but not enough school places to educate them.

Didn’t we do well in our 4 years in power? If you want more of the same vote Green again May 2015. 


While attendances at Church services maybe falling it would appear that the Church still has a role to play in our everyday life. That is if St. Mary Magdalen Church in Coldean is anything to go by. The Church has become a focal point for the local community in Coldean, for all not just churchgoers.

With the arrival of the new Vicar, Revd. Betsy Gray-Hammond in June a welding of the community is taking place. From summer club,monthly disco, Saturday fun mornings for kids, quiz nights, race nights, weight watchers, craft club and cabaret nights for adults.

Sunday Charity lunches, e.g. Water Aid, Childrens Society and Martlets etc., also Parents and toddlers club. The recent dual Harvest Festival in co-operation with the local primary school resulted in a bumper haul of food, which was distributed to local families and local food banks.
Seems we may not be churchgoers for Sunday services but we want and use the Church for many of our daily needs and uses.

Joe wrote on 15/10/14-


Are we at last wakening up to the fact that consensus and political correctness do not solve the problems of today’s modern world?

The time has come for leaders of Government both nationally and locally to do what they were elected for. Give leadership, represent the people whether you call us populas or phelbs. That means making decisions on fact and principles, not what you and your advisors think pleases us phelbs.

Would we have had Trade Union reform, right to buy or defended Falkland Islands if Thatcher had wanted to be all things to all people? Would we have had the Brighton Marina with all its economic benefits if local Conservative Council had listened to conservationists, do gooders and popular opinion?

Cameron, Clegg and MIliband should sort out immigration, terrorists, Europe and N.H.S.

Kitcat, Theobold and Morgan should sort out City Clean and this economics suicide route to a cycle city, that squeezes the life out of local business and the future of this city, long after the Green Party have gone.
Give the people what they want leadership and vibrant future. Not what you and your vested cronies want.


It is that time of year when all our local housing areas are asked to bid for monies from the City Council, Estate Development Budget (EDB)
One might say a worthy project. Yes if the residents can have their say. Not all bids proposed and agreed on by a selective few committee members. Many residents have been calling for a ramp at the end of Thorndean block, where a number of disabled residents live. No chance, rejected without even submission. Why? Because the Chairperson and friends want bike racks and free standing notice boards. Of no great use or need to the majority of residents.
If we are to have bids let them be general, asked for and prioritised by Council staff not imposed by a local clique with self interest.


Now that Parliament has returned and we start on the longest election campaign in modern history, let us hope our M.P.’s can find time to debate, vote on and pass a piece of legislation the majority of the electorate and must be given. Namely, a Right of Recall Bill..

We need that Bill to have teeth and a good kick, as outlined by Zak Goldsmith, Conservative M.P. for Richmond Park, not a diluted, consenus, mismash supported by the main political parties.

For far too long elected personnel have escaped prompt censure for their shortcomings. Yesthere is a cloak of accountability– every election !4 or 5 years. The general public who provide the services and wealth for our Cities and Country are accountable on a daily basis.

The time has come when elected persons who show themselves to be workshy,mis-represent the electorate view, further their own vested, ideological views/causes should be compelled to resign forthwith. A percentage of the electorate, no less than 5% , maybe 10% should be able to ask the sitting incumbent, by petition, to resign.. If no criminal act is involved they will be free to stand for re-election.

This Recall Bill must apply to all elected persons, be they M.P.’s, Councillors, Police Commissioners and Mayors.
In recent years, both nationally and locally, elected persons have ridden rough shod over Mr. and Mrs. Public in order to protect their power,lack of workload exposure, financial interest, ideological daydreams and misdemeanours.

Now is the time to contact your local M.P. and tell, not ask them to support a Right of Recall Bill that gives most power to the people. Not to the Westminster/City Hall vested interest elite.

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