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Miss Brighton Dazzling Beauty UK


Brighton’s next supermodel spent Saturday morning with the-news.co‘s lucky William Mills. Even though the autumn is setting in there is still plenty to do in Britain’s liveliest seaside town.

Michaela in Brighton's Pavilion Gardens


Michaela has just finished university where she studied dance and modelling. She lived in Brighton as a child and moved back last June.




Fitness is really important to this 22 year old dance instructor who also works at a Kemptown gym.



To keep in trim Michaela is a vegetarian who loves Italian and Greek food.


Michaela looks seaward

Michaela outside Brighton Pavilion


She adored visiting Ibiza this summer to celebrate finishing Uni.


Michaela braves the breeze on Brighton Pier


She also loves horse riding.


Michaela and Brighton's seafront


Michaela loves modelling. Perhaps we will be lucky enough to see her showing off the latest swimwear collection?



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  1. hello there, i have just recently moved to brighton and on reading this story it shows me that not only is brighton full of beautiful views and amazing sunsets, but beauty is also a major part of this city culture and life. michaela’s story is inspiring to me and would love to hear more stories on this young beautiful female.
    thank you for your time.


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