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Hey by Jessica Tania Longdon


Her heart, it lay crumbled

Crumbled at her feet

Her red dress now ragged

Not pretty nor neat

She recalls the night

That she looked in his eyes

Promising jewels

Really it was lies

He took her away

In the peak of the night

Smiles on their faces

On the edge of a fight

The jewels were really bruises

They lay upon her skin

Not knowing where she stands

Broken and defeated

Lying at his toes

He’s the real weak one

But only he knows

Opening the door

They’d ask her where she’d been

She would cry about his bluntness

Then fall into his arms

Her friends say he’s not appealing

She says he’s full of charm

After enough tears were cried

She would say that it’s the end

Only to love him

Again and again

Here she is now

Bottle in her hand

Confused, bemused

She’s pulling out her hair

Strands lie on the floor

Her heart crumpled at her feet

He’s not welcome anymore

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