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Chelsea Smile by Jessica Tania Longdon



His grey eyes, Black lips

His Chelsea smile

Been like this

For a little while.

The scar its healing

Suffering done

But every time it’s closing

He slits it undone

They wanted him to smile more

They did it out of spite

Now he wakes up screaming

In the middle of the night

He drowns the pain in music

Ringing in his ear

He hides the stitches with his black fringe

But without the cut is clear

Depressed and upset

He’s cut up his wrist

A razor blade to his skin

Yet how could he resist

They labelled him as emo

Leaving him alone

Said the work was done

Not that he’d have known

He has no choice to smile

Smile from ear to ear

No one really realised

Smiling was his biggest fear….

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