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‘forbitten love’ by Carmen Phillips-Chapters 2 + 3


                                            Chapter 2

After 5 hours of constant chatter, laughter and champagne bubbles, conversation was slowing down. They had started watching an old black and white film which they had chosen from the inflight selection, it was about an old manor house where a crazy lord lived, who was keeping his young wife captive.
Mike sat with his eyes fixed to the screen slowly munching on sweet popcorn. The film was getting to a very dark part, the young wife was being followed through the house and had just turned down into a shadowed filled hall… Anna lent over and tapped Mike gently on the shoulder, fully aware that he was very much engrossed in the scene playing in front of his eyes.
“Ahhhhhh!!” Mike jumped up in his seat sending a shower of popcorn to the floor.
“Sorry.” Anna chuckled throatily “Didn’t mean to scare you.”
“No, it’s fine.” He said nervously laughing. “I didn’t realise I’d got so in to the film.” He brushed some popcorn off himself back in to the bowl it had come from.
“I could see, just going to get a bit of shut eye…too many bubbles me thinks.” She yawned stretching her arms up over her head “Sorry.”
“No worries, you get some rest and I’ll wake you up an hour before we land, that’s if you’re not already up.”
He gave her a cheeky smile as he said winking; “I’m sure the hostess will keep me company.”
“I’m sure she will.” Anna shook her head but smiled. “Nite then.”
Anna pressed the button that made the back of the chair recline. One of the benefits of flying in business class is that you have so much leg room and the seats are practically beds. Pulling off her black pumps she curled her feet underneath her and settled back in to the U-shaped pillow that was behind her neck. Closing her eyes and breathing deeply she felt her body slowly relaxing, be it from the long day or the bubbles from the champers, Anna had become very tired and sank in to a dream filled sleep.


As Mike sat watching the rest of the film and rather enjoying the free drink and snacks that only business class can provide he watched out of the corner of his eye as Anna slowly sank into a deep slumber. What she didn’t know was that he had used his last cash to get the upgrade; he wasn’t going to mess up the only chance at getting to know her. Mike wasn’t even sure if he was ever going to see her after the ride to Falls.
You can learn a lot about someone in five hours. He now knew what her favourite food was, and what she disliked, what her favourite colour was, best animal, which were cats (he could learn to like them), her taste in music which ranged from classical right through to heavy metal. What he liked the most was her sense of humour. Some of the things that she came out with made his sides split! And a couple of times they had been told to keep it down by the flight attendant because their merriment had been disturbing the other passengers.
She had spoken some more about her friend Clara. You could tell that it was hard to leave her behind, she said people would often say that they had been separated at birth because they were so close. Whenever she spoke about her father though it was just pure love! By the sounds of things they had been through some real hard and trying times, with the death of her mother and the fact her dad had started to drink heavily to cope with the loss. Even after going through that she had come out fighting and was a much stronger person than he was, he had never had to deal with that kind of loss and pain in his life, his had been a picnic compared to hers.
Mike looked across at Anna’s sleeping figure; she looked so small snuggled up in the large leather seat. He reached up and pressed the call button and waited for a steward to come.
“Yes Mr Stevenson, what can I do for you?” The stewardess said with a polite smile on her face.
“Could you bring me a blanket please?” he said in a hushed voice making sure not to wake Anna.
“Of course Sir, will be you be in need of anything else?” She said this with a glint of mischief in her blue eyes.
“No that will be all, mama.” He thought it was sweet that she was interested in him but he only had eyes for the brunette sleeping next to him.
“I’ll get that right way sir.” Looking a little put out she walked away with more than an exaggerated sway to her full hips. She came back a few moments later with the blanket, handed it to Mike with a curt nod of her head and a small smile and went away, he guessed she didn’t get turned down very often.
Mike shook out the blanket and placed it around Anna’s sleeping body, tucking it gently in about her. He watched as she snuggled deeper in to her seat.
A lock of her hair had come loose and had fallen across her face he reached over and brushed it back in to place with the tips of his fingers. How can someone look so beautiful when they sleep.
He gazed at her taking in the flawlessness of her skin and the tiny wash of freckles that played across her nose; she had a cute button nose that went up slightly at the end and long dark lashes which framed her eyes, casting shadows across her cheeks in the dim light of the cabin.
Anna stirred, Mike thought she might wake so he looked away not wanting to be caught staring at her while she slept. Luckily she only snuggled even deeper into her blanket, by the way her eyes moved under her lids Mike guessed she was dreaming.


Anna woke to find that she was alone in the cabin, Mike was no longer sat next to her and the other passengers seemed to be missing. We can’t be here already, Mike said he would wake me. She thought.
The light in the cabin seemed strange. It had an eerie greyness to it like the kind of light you get just before dawn and there was a cold stillness to the air as if in the dead of night.
“Hello?” She called but the only reply was her own eco.
Anna slowly got up letting the blanket fall to the floor, moving in to the isle of the plane she walked toward the curtain that separated business from economy, pulling it back and peering around she found herself looking in to an even emptier 2nd class! This started to make her uneasy.
“Hello?” She called again, she waited, and again there was no response just her own hello echoed back.
Turning back around Anna started toward the front of the cabin where the cockpit was. Tapping lightly on the door she waited, she couldn’t hear any movement from behind so decided to open it, her hand moved toward the cold metal latch and her fingers slipped around it. There was a little click and the door unlocked; it slowly swung open, what she saw beyond the door struck her as very strange.
I must be dreaming she thought. It had opened on to a dark hallway much like the one that was in the film she had been watching with Mike before she fell asleep. On one side there were windows at regular intervals, the moon was out sending strange blue patterns across to the opposite side of the wall where there seemed to be a row of closed doors. When she looked back behind her to where the cabin door had been it was no longer there, all that met her eyes was blackness. This is too weird!
There was a noise behind her, she span round her heart hammering in her chest to see a shadow dart across the end of the hall.
“Is there anyone there?” She called but nobody replied.
Even though she was feeling frightened beyond belief her bare feet stared to carry her forward down the dark hallway. The thought crossed her mind that this was a bad idea but she continued on.
Slowly Anna reached the end of the hall which opened up onto another corridor. She looked left and darkness was all she saw, looking right she could see another opening at the end but there again was more of the same darkness that seem to be closing in all around her.
Doors ran the length of the hall but there was no light coming from beneath any of them. Then from the corner of her eye she saw a light start to glow from beneath one of them. It had an orange red tinge to it. Not knowing what lay beyond she decided to chance a look, maybe there was someone in there that could help her. Slowly walking the length of the hall she soon came to the door with the orange red glow “Hello?” She said as she knocked gently on the dark wood door. There was no reply although she could just make out a faint crackling as if from a fire. Pressing her palm flat against the door she checked the wood to make sure that the room as not ablaze, but the wood was cool beneath her hand. Grasping on the door handle she felt her heart start to hammer in her chest again. Just keep calm she told herself, twisting the handle down. The door slowly opened inwards. When Anna peered around the door she looked into a dark room which was lit only from the small fire crackling merrily away in an old marble fire place which gave the room a soft amber glow. Looking around she could see bookshelves lining the walls from floor to ceiling, a small writing desk and chair in the far right of the room and two over stuffed high wing backed chairs which were in front of the fire. There was a portrait above the fireplace but she was unable to see the face in full as the light from the fire just didn’t quite reach it, what she could make out was that is was of a regal looking gentleman.
Anna could feel herself becoming very tired and the warmth that was emanating from the burning logs was making her sleepy. Moving toward the fire and the two large chairs she decided to sit for a while and think what her next move would be. Climbing into one of the chairs she settled herself back and started to watch the flames that were dancing away in the fire grate, they became hypnotic and she soon found her eyes start to sag shut and close.

Anna became aware of the presence of somebody else in the room, she woke from her doze and looked around. She didn’t see anyone at first, then her eyes settled on the chair next to hers, there was someone sitting there. Peering closer Anna realised it was a man; his face was obscured by the wing back of the chair which sent a shadow across his face “Mike?” Anna whispered.
“Mike’s not here.” The man said softly. “What may I ask are you doing in my home?” His voice was well spoken with a soft accent which she could not quite place.
Anna strained to see his face but could not make out much as the shadow from the chair and flames were making strange shapes across it making it hard to see.
“I’m sorry but I don’t quite know how I got here….. I’m looking for my friend Mike. Have you seen him?” Anna asked with slight hesitation. The man rose from his chair and moved toward the fire, he placed an arm behind his back and in the other he had a crystal tumbler which was filled with an amber liquid she guessed must be a malt whisky of some kind. His hair just brushed the collar of his jacket, which to her eye reminded her of the old fashioned smoking jackets that men sometime wore, he seemed to be thinking as he gazed in to the fire, then he spoke moving his head so she could just make out his side profile.
“I may know where he is.”
Anna got to her feet quickly.
“Please, could you show me where!” she said with slight desperation, the whole situation was making her increasingly uneasy. She moved closer to him and could make out his features more clearly.
He had a strong jaw and a smooth line to his nose, his skin was a pale cream and dark lashes that any woman would be envious of.
He suddenly turned around to face her and she was taken aback by the beauty of his face. If a man could be beautiful this man was. His dark hair fell in waves around his face and his eyes were as black as onyx and full soft lips that glistened with slight moisture from the drink he sipped. Anna was so hypnotised by his face and eyes that she didn’t realise that he had spoken again.
“Madam? May I ask you of your name?” He said with a slight tilt of his head and a small smile playing on his lips.
“Oh! I’m so sorry…forgot where I was…my name is Anna.” She said with a shake of her head.
“Would you please follow me and I will take you to this Mike you speak of.” She wasn’t sure but she thought there was a slight hint of mockery in the way that he said Mike.
He walked to the door and opened it wide for Anna to step through, as he closed it behind them she was sure that the light from the fire went out.
He didn’t speak a word the whole time that they walked and they seem to walk for ages, her feet had started to hurt and become cold again.
“Is it much farther?” She asked as she lent against the wall and rubbed her foot.
“We are all most there….not much farther now.” His voice seemed distant and echoed down the hall.
“Just in here, Anna…your friend Mike is waiting.” She didn’t like the way he put the emphases on the word friend, her heart started to hammer again.
He held open the door of a darkened room and gestured for her to enter, she took a few slow steps in and then was suddenly pushed with great force from behind falling heavily onto the tiled floor landing in something wet and sticky. The door slammed behind her and all she could hear was the strange man laughing like a maniac outside.
The room was so dark she couldn’t even see her hand in front of her face, her hands and legs were covered in whatever she had fallen into, the air in the room was damp and uncomfortably warm. She brushed her hair that had fallen into her eyes away and crawled slowly back to where the door should be. There was a very faint light coming from underneath but not enough to light the room.
“Hay! Let me out!” She screamed and banged the door. Then Anna noticed the smell. She couldn’t quite make out what it was, there was a slight metallic almost iron tinge to it. The only other time she had ever smelt a smell like that was when she had cut herself. The realisation struck her that it could quite well be blood that she had fallen into and she didn’t want to think about who’s it could be. “Please, not Mike’s, please!” She pleaded she pushed herself up from the floor and against the door into a standing position. Anna stretched her hand out to the left and felt around the edge of the door.
There must be a light here somewhere. She desperately thought. She extended her hand to the right and found what she was looking for, the light switch.
Do I really want to see what’s in here? She didn’t but she had to find away out, the acidic smell was starting to burn her nostrils.
Holding her breath and bracing herself for what she might see Anna snapped on the light.
What Anna saw made her knees buckle beneath her and bile rise in her throat, she fell to the floor and heaved until there was nothing left. “No, No, No…. No.” She said between sobs. “This can’t be!” Her throat stung with the acid from her stomach and when she looked down she saw her hands, arms and legs were covered in crimson.
The room was a wash with blood and body parts, she could see the terror stricken faces of the flight crew and the passengers that had been sat in business, then she caught sight of the handsome blue eyes that belonged to Mike, his face twisted in pure horror and disbelieving. “ Nooooooooooooooo.” She sobbed.


Mike was jolted a wake by the sudden scream that came from Anna’s mouth, she had sat bolt right up and had sweat glistening on her chest, arms and forehead.
“Noooooooooo.” Anna wept.
“Hay! Hay….calm down hunny.” He said as he pulled her in to a tight embrace.
“What’s happened? Did you have a bad dream?” He looked down in to her tear streaked face. She looked up at him “Oh Mike…..it was awful….I woke up and no one was here and, and then I was in a spooky house and.” The words were tumbling out of her.
“Your going to have to slow down, hunny I can’t understand you.” He pushed her damp hair out of her face; even in this dishevelled state she still looked beautiful.
Anna pulled away from his hold and started to tell him what had happened.
“And then there was blood and you were……I’m sorry I must seem like an idiot.” Looking down into her lap she wiped at her eyes.
“Hay, don’t worry we all have bad dreams.” He placed a finger under her chin and lifted her face up to look at him. “I’m all right and I’m right here.” She smiled a small smile up at him.
“Is everything okay here?” Said the stewardess.
“Yes mama, but would you bring us some bourbon with ice, we need a few nerves calming.”
“Of course sir, right away.”
“Well I doubt it was as bad as my dream, I was naked in front of the whole of my family!” He gave a shudder at the thought. Anna gave a small laugh.
“Now that’s better.” Mike said gently. The stewardess reappeared with there drinks.
“There you are, will there be anything else?” She asked with a smile that seemed to be a constant fixture on her face.
“No that will be all.” Mike said with a tap of a cap that was not on his head.
“You drink that down and you will feel a whole world better.” He handed her the drink and she took it in both hands, raising it to her nose she took in the warm deep smell of the bourbon. When she had a sip the warm golden liquid rushed down her throat sending fire running through her body, it left a glowing sensation in the pit of her stomach.
“Now, do you feel better?” Asked Mike as he took a draft of his own amber liquid.
“Yes thank you….again I’m so sorry.” She said looking in to her glass.
“Like I said we all have bad dreams….it’s a combination of the film we were watching and your nerves about moving away…..I’m here for you no matter what…I know we have only just met but I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of each other.” He started to go a slight shade of pink.
Anna looked out of the window and tried to hide the little smile that was forming on her lips, turning back round she held her glass up.
“I propose a toast.”
Mike also held his glass up and smiled broadly.
“To new friendships!” Said Anna.
“And new beginnings!” Mike said softly and gazed at the amazing girl in front of him.
“Cheers!” They said in unison clinking their glasses together and downimg the rest of the bourbon in one.
“Wooo, hoooo, that’s some good bourbon!” Mike said with a hoot and slamming his glass down.
“You’re right about that!” Anna agreed placing her glass down and fanning herself as the warm liquid flowed through her.
“Do you think we should have another?” Mike said raising his eyebrows.
“Hummm…..I don’t know. What time do you make it?” Anna said as she riffled through her bag to find her phone then realised it was turned off due to the flight.
Mike pulled his shirtsleeve up to look at his watch;
“We have time.” He said as he reached up and pressed the call button and looked over at Anna and smiled. The stewardess appeared and took there order.
“So what are you going to be doing in your first days of American life?” Mike asked as he opened the peanuts that the stewardess had brought with their drinks.
“Un-packing….cleaning as I don’t think anyone has been living in my new place for about 6 months…..having a look around Falls, you know getting a feel for the place and getting a job.” She laughed.
“Well if you need a tour guide I’m your man!” Mike said with a flurry of hands.
“I’ll take you up on that.” Anna said as she clinked her glass against Mike’s.

For the next hour and a half they made plans to meet up in a few days and exchanged mobile numbers. Anna was really starting to like this guy, he was funny and smart, and above all he was genuine.
Her only worry was getting too close too soon, it was time to take it slow and if things were going to happen they would. She knew that he liked her because he was flirting a lot more than when they first met and she didn’t mind this one little bit. It was cute because she was starting to realise that he must be a little younger than her and she hadn’t even asked what his age was.
“Sorry to stop you….I was just wondering what age you are…you must be over 21 to be drinking.” She nodded towards his drink.
“Oh…I wondered when it was going to get to the age question.” He laughed “I’m 23 going on 33.” Just as she thought he was 3 and half years younger, she was 26 and her birthday in a few weeks.
“Now I know they say you should never ask a lady what her age is but…..” He said with a mock pleading eyes. Anna laughed
“No you shouldn’t ask a lady her age but as you asked so nicely I’m 26 soon to be 27 so that makes me older than you Ha!” She punched him playfully in the arm.
“Wow….I mean…when I first saw you I would have put you at 24!”
Mike couldn’t believe it she looked so much younger, and when she was sleeping he would have put her at 20. He should have guessed really as her outlook on life was so much more intoned with someone older and wiser, he had just put that down to everything that she had been through.
“I hope you like younger guys.” He said with a wink.
“I’m sure I can be turned to the idea.” She winked back. Just then the intercom sounded:


“Well here we go, I hope the landing is as smooth as the take off!” Anna said already gripping the arms of her seat, Mike reached over and squeezed her hand and gave her a reassuring smile.
“I’m sure it will hunny.”


After a not so smooth landing Anna and Mike made their way to the baggage reclaim, waiting for about half an hour for their bags and nearly missed them as they went by on the baggage belt because they were to caught up in conversation.
“That was close.” Anna said as she heaved her rucksack onto her back and pulled the trolley handle up on her other case making it easier to pull.
“So which way now?” She asked.
“Follow me. It’s just down this way.” Mike pointed to where a stream of passengers were making their way out.
As they made their way through to arrivals Mike was getting more and more excited about seeing his mum who he hadn’t seen in 6 months due to his being away.
“Are you sure she won’t mind giving me a lift?” Anna asked getting a little nervous about meeting his mum for the first time.
“No, not at all! Like I said it’s on the way and she is going to love you!” He said giving her a little squeeze.
As they came through the doors Mike was looking around trying to see his mum. Anna saw a short woman who must have been in her late 40’s waving her arms. She had short blonde grey hair and was wearing a pale pink cardigan with blue stone washed jeans, she knew its was Mike’s mum straight away as she had the same kind blue eyes as he did.
“Michael! Michael….over here!” She called as she rushed towards them. Anna stayed a little back as Mike dropped his bags and ran over to her.
“Mom! It’s so good to see you.” He said as they embraced.
“My boy! Oh my boy I have missed you so much. Please, no more travelling…I swear you have got taller in six months.” Mike’s mum said as she looked at him at arms length.
“Ma I stopped growing at 18. It’s you that’s got smaller.” He laughed.
Anna stood and watched feeling like she should be somewhere else rather than intruding on this happy moment, it made her think of how much she missed her own mother.
Anna looked away and looked at all the other people meeting and greeting friends and family, and arriving home. It seemed like such a happy time and there were smiling faces all around.
What happy places airports can be. Anna thought to herself.

Mike realised that Anna hadn’t stepped forward and seemed miles away. His mother noticed him looking at her.
“Is that young lady with you son?” she asked with a smile and slightly raised eyebrows.
“Yeah…sorry let me introduce you….Anna?” Mike called to her and gestured with his hands for her to come closer.
“Anna I want you to meet my mom.” Mike’s mother clasped Anna’s hands in her own, just like Mike’s they were cool to the touch.
“Hello Anna. So nice to meet you, my name is Jane…Michael, she is a beauty. Why have you kept her a secret?” She said smiling at Anna warmly.
“I haven’t been keeping her a secret as I only met her 10 hours ago.”
“Oh I see….well you do have a habit of picking up waifs and strays….Not that you are, dear.” Jane said kindly with a pat on Anna’s hands.
“Mom!” Mike said with a groan. “She’s moving over here to finish her studies. I saw her at the airport looking down and we got talking.”
“Always had an eye for a pretty face he has.” She winked at Anna.
“Really Mom! Anyway can we give her a lift? She’s staying in Falls.” Mike looked a little embarrassed but Anna thought Jane was great and had a feeling that she was winding Mike up.
“Of course we can give her a lift. Can’t have her wondering around this place without knowing where she is going…. Now you come with me my dear. We’ll get you to your place, no problem….. Are you okay with those bags Michael? We girls have a lot to talk about.” Jane slipped her arm into Anna’s and started forward all the while telling Anna the silly things that Mike used to bring home when he was a boy. Anna looked over her shoulder at Mike as he picked up the bags with a pleading look on her face, Mike just grinned and mouthed “I told you she would like you!” he gave her the thumbs up.

When they had finally got to the car Anna had been told about the first 10 years of Mike’s life and she found it hard not to laugh at some of the things his mum had told her. Mike just looked increasingly embarrassed and now had a permanent red glow to his face.
“Okay mom! Enough of the stories.” He said as he placed the bags in the boot. He stood up and rolled his shoulders to loosen them up from carrying two very heavy rucksacks and one rather small but still very heavy case.
“What?” Jane said in mock surprise. “It’s just a few childhood stories, no harm done.” She said with a chuckle “Okay my boy you can ride in the back and Anna you sit up front with me…so where are we to drop you off darling? You got a place to stay? If not I can always make up the spare guest room and you can stay with us.” Jane said with a squeeze of Anna’s hand.
“Anna has a place sorted mom, it’s okay” He said rolling his eyes.
“Thanks Mrs Stevenson.”
“Call me Jane, dear. Mrs Stevenson makes me sound old.” Jane said as she checked the rear view mirror and reversed out of the parking space.
“Okay Jane….let me just see.” Anna opened up her bag and found her address book; she flicked through the pages till she came to the page with the address.
“Its 67 Sunny View Crescent near the south side of the campus.”
“Okay I know where that is, let’s go.”

They pulled out onto the highway just as the sun was coming up. It sent out beautiful golden rays over the whole of the surrounding countryside and gave the place a warm and welcoming feel. Wow! This is amazing and I can’t believe I’m here! She thought as she gazed out the window and watched as her new world whizzed by. The traffic was light as it was still quite early and before she knew it they had passed the sign to Falls with only a few more miles to go.
“Not far now dear… Are you sure you don’t want to come by my house with Michael and share some breakfast with us?” Jane asked looking through the rear view mirror smiling fondly.
“Thank you so much but I would like to get to my new place and start to sort things out if that’s okay. Maybe another time though.”
“Okay as long as you’re sure…just remember you’re welcome any time.”
“That’s very kind Jane, thank you.” Anna said smiling and thinking what an amazing mother that Mike had and could see where he got his kindness from.
They had just pulled off the highway and were making their way into Falls. It was a small town with row after row of beautiful little town houses fronted with well maintained gardens. The shops looked very prosperous and there were already early morning runners and dog walkers on the streets. Anna started to feel excited and couldn’t wait to explore her new town.
Mike pointed out the best bars to go to and Jane told her where the best markets were.
“Oh, and that little place over there; it does the best coffee and pastries in the county!” She pointed to a café with yellow shutters and a green awning and little tables outside waiting for early bird customers.
“And that up there is the old manor that I told you about at the airport.” Mike pointed to a large stone built building up on a hill, it looked as old as Mike had said. She really didn’t want to think about spooky old houses right now, memories of her terrible dream flooding back, Anna shuddered.
They pulled in to Sunny View Crescent and found Anna’s place. It didn’t look to bad from the outside, it needed a lick of paint and the garden needed the grass mown but all in all it was nice. Let’s hope the inside is as good. She hoped.
“Right, here we are.” Jane said coming to a stop behind Anna’s new car. “Michael be a good boy and help the lady with her bags…I’ll wait in the car.”
“Yes mom.” Mike got out and came round to Anna’s side of the car and opened her door “My lady….” He said as he held out his hand for her to take.
“Why thank you kind sir.” She said with a chuckle.
When he had closed the car door and retrieved Anna’s bags from the boot he walked her to the door, Anna reached into her bag and pulled out the keys to her new place, and putting the key in the lock she unlocked the door.
When she opened it she was met with a slightly damp smell and all the boxes that she had sent over were stacked everywhere.
“Bloody hell, can’t people read?” She exclaimed looking around and seeing that none of the boxes had been put in the correct rooms even though they were clearly marked.
“Hey look I can stay and help if you want.” Mike asked a little too eagerly. She had a feeling he didn’t want the third degree from his mom on the way home.
“No I’ll be fine….it will be good for me….but I might need a little help in a few days time to do a bit of painting and stuff.”
“No problem, I’ll bring some help, a couple of my friends…. By the way I’m so sorry about my mom…she can be so embarrassing.” Mike said with a pained face which made Anna laugh.
“She is great Mike….honestly…can’t wait to hear some more stories….did you really paint your whole face green?” Anna said trying not to laugh.
“Oh my god I can’t believe she told you that!” He said putting his now red face in his hands.
“What was it?” Anna said putting her finger to her lips in a thoughtful manner. “You wanted to be a frog!”
Mike groaned.
“Please, no don’t!” he said shaking his head.
“Ribit!” Anna made the sound of a frog and tried her hardest not to burst out laughing.
“Oh no….you did not just say that!” he said looking at her slightly disbelieving.
“What? Ribit!” Anna laughed out loud.
“I’m so gonna get you for that!” Mike said as he tried to grab Anna. But she jumped out the way too fast for him laughing all the while and crocking like a frog. “Get back here you.” He caught hold of her but didn’t see the box that was just behind him, it caught the back of his legs and they both went over Anna landing on top of him in fits of giggles.
“Woooow, my god….Well didn’t see that coming.” Mike laughed as he held Anna. They tried to catch their breath and the laughter subsided, they realised that they had stopped and were looking in to each others eyes.
“I guess we….better get up.” Mike said as he slipped his arms around Anna’s back.
“Yeah….you’re right.” Anna said as Mike’s face came up to meet hers, she started to close her eyes in the anticipation of their first kiss, HONK, HONK!! Anna jumped and jerked up ward.
“Wow! That scared me.” She said a little shaken and climbed to her feet.
“You and me both.” Mike climbed to his feet also and brushed the back of his shorts for any dust that may have gotten on them.
My mother must have a damned sixth sense!!! Mike thought irritably.
“Well I best go….mother calling.” Looking down at his feet.
“Sure….. You’ll be around in a few days then?” This wasn’t a question but an invitation.
“Damn right I will…..if you need anything though just give me a call.”
“God damn it! Right better go otherwise she gets mean.” He said as Anna walked him to the door.
“See you in a few days?”
“Sure thing hunny.” Mike started to walk toward the waiting car.
“Bye Jane, nice to meet you and see you soon.” Anna called as she waved them goodbye from the door way. Jane waved from the window and then the car was off down the road, Anna kept on waving until the car pulled out of sight.
Closing the door she lent up against the back of it and closed her eyes Wow! That was close! Saved by the honk I suppose. She smiled to herself.
Would have been an amazing kiss though. She thought with some longing, and with a sigh opened her eyes and looked around. Well this is it! Time to start my new life!

Mike looked out of the rear view mirror at the most beautiful girl he had ever met slowly getting smaller as his mom drove them away. He thought about the kiss they nearly shared sighing a huge sigh he lent his head against the passenger side window wishing she were still in his arms.
“And what is wrong with you mister?” Asked his mom, although fully aware what troubled him but she needed to hear it from his own lips.
“Nothing really…..” he sighed again.
“It can’t be nothing for you to be sighing like that.” She pressed on.
He turned to his mother and looked like a little lost boy.
“Mamma I’m in trouble……I think I’m in love.” He said with the goofiest smile spreading across his face.
“Awe my boy.” Jane reached over and ruffled his hair in a way only a mother can.

                                          Chapter 3

It was a slow night and it was cold, there was a fine drizzle falling. The kind that gets you soaked right through to the bone.
Tracey only had to make another 100 dollars then she could go home to the pimp and get her fix for the night, all she needed was three more punters and she was done.A car pulled up along side her but she kept on walking with a ‘I don’t really care you’re there,’ swagger to her small hips.
“Hey…you doing business?” asked a balding middle aged man from the window of his blue estate. You could smell stale beer from him, it made Tracey’s nose wrinkle is distaste.
“I might be.” She said as she lent down and showed a bit more of the goods on display, her cleavage squeezed against the small red vest that she wore.
“Well you is or you ain’t!”
“Okay Mister, I’m working…what do you want?” Tracey sparked up a match and lit a cigarette took a long drag and blew the smoke into the driver’s face.
“I want a blow job….. and full sex.” He said in a slightly hushed voice.
“That’s going to cost you 60 bucks.” If I can get him for 60 then it’s just one more job. Tracey thought as she posed even sexier, she could see him eyeing her small bottom in his wing mirror.
“$30 is my final offer.” He showed her the cash thinking that she would be desperate enough to jump at the chance.
“And I said $60! That’s my final offer!” Dropping the end of her cigarette and putting it out with her stiletto boot Tracey started to walk off, the curb crawler followed.
“Hey wait….what about $40?” He was starting to sound desperate and she guessed he had a wife or girlfriend that wasn’t putting out so he had to get it from somewhere else. She hated doing guys like them, they always wanted you to pretend that you were the wife or girlfriend.
“Sorry Mister. I said $60 and that’s that!”
“Fucking whore!” he shouted as he sped off.
“Just because I’m a whore doesn’t mean I have to be cheap!” She screamed back.
“Fucker! Some people just want everything for nothing!” She fumed and sparked up another cigarette.

Across the road a car waits in the shadows and the occupants watch the exchange between the hooker and punter.“I like the look of that one, she has fight…..pull up next to her.” Said the man from the back seat of the car. The driver nods silently to this command.

Another car pulls up next to Tracey, it’s a nice car, on closer inspection it’s a very nice car. Blacked out windows and sliver rims and to top it off the car had what looked like a chauffeur! Time to put on the charm offensive.The window slides down electronically and Tracey leans in to the black hole that is the open window.
“Hey Mister, you after some fun?” She batted her lashes and put her most seductive smile on.
“I sure am little lady. Why don’t you hop in and lets get this party started.”
Tracey couldn’t see the face of the guy in the back of the car but he had a fine voice.
“We need to agree on a price first.”
“What do we say to….200 dollars for the rest of the night?” He leaned forward just a bit, his face was still shadowed, there was a flash of dollar bills.
Tracey’s eyes grew wide just a little when she saw the money. One job and I’m done! She thought.
“I’m all yours sugar!” The driver got out of the drivers side, walked round to where Tracey was standing, she stood back and he opened the door for her.
“Wow! I feel like a lady.” She said as she slipped in to the back of the car. The seats were made from black leather and you could almost smell how expensive the car was, she liked the way the leather felt underneath her hands, smooth and soft, most of all, it was warm, she had been so cold tonight.
The car slipped away from the curb and made its way down the road, the rain had started to get heavier so Tracey was sure glad to be out of it.It was dark in the back of the car. Tracey sat facing the stranger and as he was sat back in the shadows she could just make out a little of his face but what she could see what pleased her. He was a young man, possibly aged about 29 or30. With dark hair, and a dark suit which was nicely tailored. The fabric looked expensive plus a crisp white shirt with mother of pearl buttons.
“Driver, take us to that quiet place I like.” The dark haired man told his driver.
“Yes Sir.” The driver turned left at a junction and Tracey realised that they were going out of town, pressing her bag she made sure she had her maze spray, she did.
“Where are we going?” She asked a little nervously which she tried to hide by looking slightly uninterested.
“Just to a little motel I know…. I’m sure this will stop you from worrying.”
Tracey was suddenly showered with dollar bills, a lot more than the two hundred they had agreed.
“Wow….” She laughed. “I feel like that lady in that film, you know the one….were  she is doing the same job as me.” She picked up some of the money, throws it in the air and giggles.
“Would you like something to drink?” Asked the man.
She really wished he would sit forward; she wanted to see the eyes of the man that was going to fuck her.
“Umm….yeah that would be great.”
“Will champagne be okay?” there was a pop as the cork was released from the bottle.
“Champagne! Why of course, I haven’t had real champagne before.” He handed her a glass of golden bubbles.
“This is real champagne, right?”
He laughed. “Of course it is. I only have the best….that’s why I chose you.”
Tracey sipped her champagne, it tasted amazing, so fruity and the bubbles tickled her nose as she drank. Tracey felt very special no punter had ever treated her so nicely.Maybe this is it! My prince has found me and he’s going to take me away from all this and we will be happy ever after! She thought desperately.
“Oh I’m the best alright, what would you like first….. I could do a little lap-dance to get you warmed up?” Taking another small sip of her champagne she placed her glass in to the holder.
Sliding off the leather seat on to the floor, she heard music start up quietly in the back ground from hidden speakers and smiled to herself, the driver must be watching too, this made her shiver a little.
Tracey started to move in a provocative way, bringing her arms up over her head and swayed her small hips back and forth she brought her arms back down slowly sliding over her small breast, down her flat stomach to her thigh’s, she caught the bottom of her little black skirt and slowly slid it up just enough to reveal the tops of black stockings and red suspender clips.
Tracey moved closer keeping the skirt raised a little; she placed her hands on his knees and slid them slowly up his thigh’s bringing her closer to his face. Tracey could see him a little clearer now and he was a good looking guy, cheeky eyes and a soft mouth which had a naughty little smile forming.
“Why don’t you come and continue that dance…… up here?.” He said gesturing towards his lap with his finger.
She slowly got up and straddled him with her legs, she put back her head and shook out her long dark hair whilst pushing her breasts forward so they were almost at his mouth level, she could feel his cool breath over her breasts making her nipples erect under her cotton bra.
She felt his hands slide down her back toward her buttocks and felt his lips touch one of her nipples through the red vest and cotton bra that she wore, this made her gasp a little it was so gentle, normally punters didn’t do gentle, this was different almost like he wanted to make sure she was warmed up before he got to excited.
His hand slipped under her skirt and brushes the damp patch that was forming on the inside of her panties, she gave a tiny moan.
“It should be me…… pleasuring you.” Tracey said with a shudder.
“Oh you will.” He said quietly as he cupped her breast and brought his mouth down on to it, she put her head back and let him take her to a point she had not been in a long time.
Tracey felt him shift beneath her and then she was moving he had picked her up and was laying her on the back seat of the car.
“What happened to the motel?” She asked as he lowered himself on her.
“Does it matter?” He said. She could feel his hard cock pressing against her leg but he made no move to take his pants off, he was going to make this last as long as possible she thought.
“Not really.” She sighed as he started to kiss her neck; she arched her body up against him
“Hummm…. You smell good enough to eat.” He murmured into her neck.
“Why don’t you……have a try then sugar?” She said.
But then she felt him move suddenly. She opened her eyes quickly and saw him looking down at her with a twisted smile on his face. His hand came down hard on her mouth. Eyes wide in terror she tried to scream.
There was a flash of silver and a sharp sting across her throat, and then a spray of crimson came which hit the man in the face. He closed his eyes and licked his lips as the blood touched his mouth.
Tracey couldn’t quite understand what was happening. Her throat hurt and there was blood. She couldn’t move her arms to check if the blood was from her. He knelt on her hands and wrists, and in panic she thrashed beneath him.
“That’s it baby, you do that….the more you struggle, the more you bleed.” He whispered in her ear.
The blood gushed even more as her heart beat faster. Oh my god! It’s my blood; this can’t be happening he was meant to take me away!
She could feel her self getting weaker as her blood gushed from her body taking with it her life, she tried again to scream but all that came out was a gurgling sound as the blood ran in to her throat stopping the scream from forming.
Tracey could feel his mouth against the cut that had been made across her throat; he was licking and drinking the blood. She could feel her self slipping away and she watched as her short 19 years of life danced across her eyes.
He raised he head up from the gash he had made across her neck; blood dripped from his mouth and face, it ran down the front of his white shirt making a terrible mess.
How am I going to get this out? He thought.
He sat back wiping his mouth against the arm of his jacket and pushed the body of the dead girl to the floor of the car. She fell in a crumpled heap at his feet.
He picked up the champagne glass and drained it off in one.
“Pull up here.” He told the driver. The driver pulled in to the side of the road so the man in the back of the car could open the door and push the dead hooker with his foot so she fell into the grass verge at the side of the road. He watched as her body rolled down the other side into the ditch below.
“Home please driver…..remember to get the car cleaned tomorrow. I’ve managed to get blood on the leather again.” He said with a smirk.
“Of course Sir.”





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  1. Hi Carmen

    Very much enjoying the story. Nice shock change of mood from chapter 2 – 3! Perhaps you could have delayed the death a bit, so it was more of a surprise? Maybe a bit of back story on Tracey so her death is that more nasty?

    The romance in the first two chapters works really well.


  2. Think I would have slept with Mike on the plane if he was that nice!

    Have to say I think killing prostitutes has been overdone by now though.

    Enjoying the story, having said that. When are you publishing more?


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