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Katie Holmes files for divorce ending six year marriage to Tom Cruise


Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are divorcing

It is reported that Katie Holmes wants to end her six year marriage to superstar Tom Cruise who has been left devastated by the news.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise 49, married 33 year old Katie at an Italian castle in 2006. The couple have one daughter, Suri aged six who Katie Holmes is claiming sole custody and has requested splitting their $276 million fortune. Tom Cruise is amongst Hollywood’s highest paid actors.

The star of  Top Gun, Jerry MaguireMission Impossible and Rock of the Ages, and is currently in Iceland working on Oblivion, his latest film.

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes looked gaunt outside her New York home, starred in Don’t be Afraid of the Dark

Nicole Kidman

Tom Cruise has two daughters from his marriage to Nicole Kidman.

Eiffel Tower

Katie Holmes, former Dawson’s Creek actress, was proposed to by Tom Cruise in June 2005 famously up the Eiffel Tower while on a visit to Paris.

L Ron Hubbard

They were married in a Church of Scientology ceremony, a sect founded by L Ron Hubbard in 1959.

Church of Scientology

It is rumoured the couple bought a house near the sect’s  headquarters in East Sussex.

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