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If you want to spend some good time abroad in a nice place, go to COPENHAGEN for a weekend !

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Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and a beautiful city. Danish people are so nice and very polite.

Everybody respects the rules and the city seems  quiet and safe. Jazz music is really appreciated. Every year, in July, there is the Copenhagen Jazz Festival.

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Danish design is very important in their culture and shops are magnificent. Copenhagen is most welcoming to  bicycles and pedestrians.The public can use free bicycles which are available from May to October or you can use the really convenient public transport also.

There are pedestrian zones and commercial streets, that’s why the shopping is so awesome! The biggest and longest commercial street is called Stroget.

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With a number of bridges connecting the various districts, the cityscape is characterized by parks,  promenades and waterfronts. Copenhagen’s landmarks such as restaurants, nightclubs, famous places and neighborhoods are significant tourist attractions. There are a lot of lovely places to visit.

Nyhavn is the new port. It’s very famous for its houses and colorful facades. There are a lot of restaurants and pubs. It’s a very beautiful part of the city. You can take a boat and do a little cruise around Copenhagen.

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Christiania is a special part of Copenhagen. The population is composed by artists, hippies and alternative movement. It’s really pretty but be careful, it’s forbidden to take pictures in the streets! The most famous and important garden is The Tivoli Gardens which are an attraction park.

On the east on the coast, there is the fortress of Kastellet and the famous little mermaid statue. In addition, don’t hesitate to visit Danish museums like the National Denmark museum, the art school museum… A pretty good experience if you like it!

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In the historical Centre, there is the fashion neighborhood Vesterbro and the Rosenborg castle.There are a lot of great restaurants, pubs and cafes all around the city. You can eat everything all the day but be careful restaurants close early.

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The Noma and the Geranium are renowned and rewarded for their qualities. Just next to the coast, there is a big green building with a Danish design. The name is The Standard. It’s a complex with several restaurants of different types of food. One of them is a typical restaurant who is served traditional Danish food.

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The food is good and the decor is very attractive too.During the summer, there is a terrace where you can eat outside and enjoy the view. After or before your meal, you can go to a jazz concert in the same place. There is a cosy small room where you can enjoy the music while drinking a good beer. After that, go to the Nyhavn neighborhood to meet lovely people in a typical pub.





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