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By Charline Gremion

Annecy is a lovely city situated in France’s Rhone Alps. 

Annecy 3

It’s famous for its beauty, and harmonious landscape between lake and mountains and  water quality  which is the most pure and clean in Europe.

Visitors can enjoy a generous choice of sporting activities in summer and in winter.

Aquatic activities : swimming, sail, water skiing, and diving.
Mountain activities : climbing, canyoning, paragliding, hiking, skiing  and also cycling.

Everything is possible.

Annecy 2

Cultural activities are abundant too with visits to museums, castles, guided tours, exhibitions…

Many shops and restaurants with a big variety of food are waiting you !

French specialities are recommended especially if you like cheese and charcuterie !

Annecy 4The Old Annecy is amazing with its ancient jail, narrow cobblestone streets,canal with flowers adorning its banks,its small nice and tucked away places where food markets take place.

Indeed Annecy holds weekly and seasonal markets all the year around where people can find fresh and local produce ; vegetables, fruits, cheese, charcuterie, bread….A big market also with clothes, arts and crafts takes place every Saturday.

All the year, many events are organised in Annecy.

In April there is the marathon  42 km long, attracting more  than 4,000 participants.

In June there is the international animation film festival with 115,000 admissions, 500 films,from 73 countries and 26 price levels.

July brings the night festivals, and street artists take their summer in the city neighborhoods giving free rein to their creativity.

The highlight of August is the lake festival and the feast of the lake.

Annecy 6


The splendid scenery of the lake and the mountains above become the backdrop of a huge open air museum presenting the greatest masterpieces in the history of world painting.

This “museum” will offer an interpretation of 21 styles combined into 8 themed rooms, transforming them into light, color and music. These works of art known to all, a stunning beauty, cannot fail to arouse emotions and different feelings for each observer.

The organisers seek to recreate the same feelings with their blend of pyrotechnic choreography, soundtrack, use of lights, fire and water jets.

Annecy 5

October  heralds  the return from the alpine pastures with flocks and herds descending from the mountain pastures where they spent the best days of summer.

This return to the valley has been celebrated  since the Middle Ages.

On the second Saturday in every October the streets of Annecy are invaded with coloured herds, artisans, old crafts, folk groups using traditional instruments, and producers of regional products.

Here you will discover the different facets of crafts and Savoyard tradition.It’s also a meeting place for locals to celebrate in their own way the arrival of autumn.

Annecy, vue du mont Veyriez (Haute-Savoie, France)

In December there is the Christmas market with more than 70 stalls where people can buy typical and local products : lavander, cinnamon, grilled chestnuts, warm wine, candles, gingerbread…to mention just a few.

There is a wide selection of visitors’ accommodation open all the year around with a choice of hotels, camping sites, flats to rent, and ample car parking.

The nearest airports are Geneva (Switzerland) and Lyon. Annecy also has a renovated train station in the centre along with, a coach station and taxis. The centre has a pedestrian zone, with family owned restaurants and fast food outlets.

The big cinema complex Decavision is located just next door to the Courier shopping arcade with its huge underground car park.

 Annecy is a safe city with cameras and police helping  tourists feel safe and welcome.

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