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Michaela Anderson Adds To The Magic Of Bramber



A Visit to Bramber Castle


Michaela Anderson

Bramber Castle, a haunting ruin of a medieval castle is well worth a visit.

Now belonging to the National Trust it is open at all times and has a free car park just off the roundabout on the Steyning bypass.


A few miles north west of Brighton lies the ancient market town of Steyning.

In medieval times the River Adur was a trading hub with merchant ships bringing trading goods up from the sea at Shoreham.


The river cutting through a natural gap in the South Downs enabled traders to transport their wares into the rich farming areas of the Weald where the soil is rich.

Food, and wool from sheep, growing in abundance would be laboriously trundled by cart and on foot into small towns like Steyning.


And once there,would be loaded onto small ships and transported down to the coast.

Until the coming of the railways in the 19th century goods were moved on water where ever possible with river boats and canal barges busily plying their trade up and down Britain’s waterways.


Alas, raiders would also sail up rivers to prey on the wealthy townsfolk.

So it is usual to find that where there is a gap in the Downs a river runs. And there will be a castle guarding the town. In Sussex this happens at Lewes, Arundel and  Steyning.


Just outside Steyning lie the ruins of Bramber Castle.

The remains of the tower can be clearly seen dominating the skyline as one travels up the A283 from the Shoreham fly over by car or on the 2A bus from Brighton.


The carpark is clearly signposted on the brown ancient monument road signs just off the Steyning roundabout. From there it is an easy walk to the ruins.

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Our model Michaela Anderson was Miss Sparkling Beauty UK 2013




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