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Rocky Horror Show Review


The Theatre Royal Brighton provides a truly spectacular Christmas holiday show with Richard O’Brien’s 1970’s classic ‘The Rocky Horror Show’, writes William Mills.

cartoon image of The Rocky Horror Show 

The Rocky Horror Show first played in 1973 with Tim Curry and went on to be filmed in 1975, explores concepts of sexuality and then taboo subjects.

Many in the audience, both men and women, were dressed in stockings, suspenders and tight fitting dresses out for a night of fantasy and cross dressing.

The story follows a young couple Janet and Brad, played by Diane Vickers and Ben Freeman, set in the 1950’s whose car breaks down on a lonely road in the middle of a rainstorm. 

They hurry to the big Gothic mansion nearby to ask to use the telephone.

cartoon image of The Rocky Horror Show

Greeted by the butler they are ushered inside in to a world of sexual fantasy and exploration.

Home to a mad genius, it has overtures of Frankenstein laced with Dracula with the creation of a perfect sexual partner.

He is Rocky, Dominic Andersen, dressed in ‘Tarzan’ pants and bulging in all the right places.

Rocky Horror Show

Directed by Christopher Luscombe and with Liam Tamne as an excellent Frank-N-Franker, The Rocky Horror Show is a good replacement for the traditional panto as it enables the audience to dress up and take part in their Christmas show.

Lots of laughs, songs and eventually space men illustrating O’Brien’s alternative sexual universe.

The audience loved it.

cartoon image of The Rocky Horror Show



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