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Theatre Royal Brighton welcomes children with special needs.

31st July at 6.30pm  Theatre Royal Brighton is to hold its first ever Relaxed Performance, which is open to all, but is specifically designed to welcome children with special needs including learning disabilities, autism spectrum conditions, sensory and communications needs, Downs Syndrome and their families.

The Relaxed Performance will be a performance of SCOOBY DOO! on Thursday 31st July at 6.30pm.

Audience members will be free to make a noise, leave their seats and move around the auditorium without fear of disturbing others. For that one performance, the production of SCOOBY DOO! will be adapted to use appropriate lighting levels, and will avoid sudden loud noises and the use of strobe lighting. Additional Front of House staff will be on duty to assist for the evening.

RelaxedPerformance (1)

Commenting on the performance, John Baldock, General Manager, Theatre Royal Brighton said:

“Families who have a child suffering from, say, autism, often feel reticent about coming to the Theatre because they are afraid of disturbing other audience members.  This performance will allow everyone the opportunity to enjoy an evening at the Theatre.

This Relaxed Performance is a first for us, but we hope to make it a regular part of our programme.  We are extremely grateful to the producers and cast of SCOOBY DOO! for their support and enthusiasm for this project”.

 To book tickets Access Bookings – 1 adult, 1 child – £19.50 (£9.75 per ticket) Please call our Access line on 0844 871 7677 or book in person at our Box Office. SCOOBY DOO! runs at Theatre Royal Brighton from Tue 29 Jul – Sat 2 Aug

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