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Tonight Is The Night


By William Mills

At Theatre Royal, Brighton, running until Sat 15 March 2014

Rod Stewart Musical

Comedian Ben Elton

has written a musical masterpiece based on the songs of Scottish rock legend Rod Stewart which are interwoven perfectly with the script.


Tonight's the Night Tour


Satan (played by Tiffany Graves) makes a Faustian pact with love sick Stu (Ben Heathcote) to transform into his life into rock and roll legend Rod Stewart forever drinking and womanising on tour but leaving true love Mary(Jenna Lee-James) waiting patiently for his return to reality…..


Tonight's the Night Tour


Sugababe Jade Ewen

gave a brilliant performance as Dee Dee. A really top singer, who came 5th representing the UK at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, stood out from the rest. She partners Rocky (Andy Rees) who also gave a stellar performance.


Tonight's the Night Tour


Maggie May

‘Maggie May’ opened the second half after the interval with Stu and Baby Jane (also Tiffany Graves) in a huge bed in centre stage.


By now the audience had totally warmed to the show and many were wearing the thoughtfully distributed sailors’ paper hats  jumping to their feet for ‘Sailing’. By the end virtually everyone was on their feet swaying to the music.


Tonight's the Night Tour


Stoner (Michael McKell of TV’s Doctors) gave a highly amusing performance tempting Stu with one more party to get drunk at… his humour had the audience roaring with laughter.


Tonight's the Night Tour


Finally Stu just wants to be himself and be with his sweetheart, but this doesn’t stop him having a grand finale with all the cast dancing to the best of Rod Stewart…


Tonight's the Night Tour


All in all a fabulous evening, loved by the full house.



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