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By William Mills

Theatre Review


THRILLER Live opened last night at Brighton’s Theatre Royal and runs until Saturday 8 February.

The Ghost of Michael Jackson-drug addled and brilliant -was brought back to life by this fabulous show.

Two hours of unadulterated music and dance. The stage was perfect-something we are lucky enough to expect from the hard working Theatre Royal. The lighting, in a multitude of colours, was a visible spectacular.

The cheering was enough to shake the ceiling as the audience was encouraged to stand up and take part.

The dancing was truly stunning. Song after song was accompanied by stage dancing which can only be described as amongst the best going.

photo of Cleo Higgins

Lead female vocalist Cleopatra Higgins was undoubtedly the best singer and ably supported by Tyrone Lee, but the real praise must go to dancers Chloe Ferns, Paris Green and Brazilian born Renata Carvalho whose performance can only be described as stunning.

The first half cleverly rose to a crescendo so by the interval the audience was in eager anticipation for more.

The tune ‘Dirty Diana‘ was particularly memorable because of the  two fine dancers in Ancient Greek warrior headdress. Pyrotechnics blazed on stage as did ghostly smoky scenes towards the end.

Michael Jackson, 1958-2009, was a prodigy of the American Dream earning an estimated US$ 750 million, yet like so many other rock stars he chose to squander it on a lifestyle that ultimately lead to a premature death at 50 from a drugs overdose.

With anybody be able to replace Michael Jackson? Sadly he is gone and his act is over. Yet with musicians of this skill and the calibre of these dancers the show will go on and on.

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