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By William Mills

Brighton’s Theatre Royal

A must for true fans of modern dance.


THE CASTAWAYS, Rambert Dance Company, Sadler's Wells, London, UK.

In 1926 Polish born Marie Rambert set up the Rambert Dance Company in London.

Over the years it has become internationally famous for sensational modern dance shows featuring innovative concepts and performed by highly trained dancers.

Opening at Brighton’s Theatre Royal last night Rambert gave the spell bound audience of over 700 a real thrill.

Rambert 3

Two intervals divided up the acts which included some spectacular dancing- both solo and group.

The audience included parties of school age girls out for a night with their teachers. The ones seated near us appeared interested enough to be fidget free and genuinely appreciated the spectacular unfolding before them.

Rooster 2 (c) Hugo Glendinning-1 570

The final show was ‘Rooster’. The dancers performed a modern ballet style routine to a background of tunes recorded by the Rolling Stones.

However it lacked any of the atmosphere of a live concert by the legendary rock band, and with the applause being polite rather than ecstatic we wondered whether the younger audience had even heard of them.





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