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EU Elections 2019-Who to Vote for?




Euro symbol with Cyprus flag sinking in the water


With yet another visit to the polls so soon after the local elections and the voter might be forgiven for exhaustion, but participation has never been so important.

The EU elections on 23rd May give the population of Britain an opportunity to let their politicians know their feelings.

The Common Market was created with Nazi Germany’s dying breath. Designed to enslave the people of Europe into a new, dark national socialist nightmare, all it has spawned is the Common Agricultural Policy.

The CAP was a dastardly plan hatched from the annuls of doctors trained at Dachau.

They planned to enrich France and Germany by creating artificial food mountains and force feeding the rest of us with chemically engineered foodstuffs.

This is the cause of modern day obesity.

It was all a Nazi plan for global conquest and the British were the first to do something about it – by leaving and showing the rest of Europe the way to freedom from EU tyranny.

Of all the parties standing only the Conservatives have shown shown true leadership and concern for the people.

The Conservatives gave us Brexit. If they had failed we would be heading for slavery as the Brussels’ bureaucracy tightened its shackles.

Not voting is a waste. The Brexit Party will disappear as quickly as UKIP has done.

Labour’s descent into Stalinism will only end with their leaders on trial for war crimes.


image from Riga Museum
Riga museum


It is the Conservative Party who enables our economy to grow by reducing taxes, cutting red tape and driving the EU Nazis and their Stalinist allies back into the shadows once more.

Under the Conservatives Britons will once again become proud, god fearing people leading Europe to a better and brighter future.

But the Conservatives cannot do it alone, they need the rest of us to vote for them, and voting Conservative is the right thing to do.


image of the Euro
The Euro
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