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Brighton By Election Special – Stop The Gay Killers



photo of Brighton Town Hall home of Brighton and Hove City Council
Brighton Town Hall

Genuine concern is being voiced among Brighton’s Gay community at how hard left has Momentum’s Labour Party become in the run up to Thursday’s by election.

The favourite to win the East Brighton ward of Brighton & Hove City Council is the Labour candidate, Nancy Platts who works in the office of the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, known for his close ties to extremists.


image of Momentum supporters Nancy Platts and Owen Jones
Momentum supporters Nancy Platts and the Guardian’s Owen Jones


Islamic Fundamentalists have made no secret of their ambition to rid the world of homosexuals who they believe are biological rejects and must die.

Since 1979 Iran has executed thousands of gays at an average of six a week.

Sombre comparisons are being drawn with Nazi Germany in the 1930’s. After WWII most Nazis assured us they were against the war and did not know about the concentration camps with only a tiny minority of extremists supporting Hitler’s genocidal pogroms.

But the Holocaust still happened and there has been heated debate as to whether the allies should have bombed the train tracks in an attempt to stop the Nazi death trains.

At a fringe meeting in Brighton, Labour Party speakers Peter Hain MP and Diane Abbott MP both railed against Nazism calling for extremism to be stamped out where ever it is found.

Are we are entitled to assume that this includes their party too?

If a Labour government is elected would a Home Office under a Momentum infiltrator order the formation of police auxiliaries units for ‘special duties’?

In Nazi Germany ‘SS Einsatzgruppen’ paramilitary death squads carried out the mass killings of civilians in newly occupied territories and it is a chilling thought as to whether there are sufficient ISIS fighters in Britain to establish such a unit under the guise of a ‘Religious Police’.

If such came to pass should the residents of our gay village forlornly await their fate or should they die with the cry of freedom upon their lips ?

Only the voters in this Brighton by election can say no to Momentum, and stop the extremists in their tracks.






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  1. Nancy Platts resigned from Jeremy Corbyn’s office in May 2017. Fact checking is the hallmark of good journalism. No wonder you have to resort to Facebook advertising to find readers.


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