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Election 2017-Labour’s Brighton Night


By William Mills

Labour sweeps to victory winning Brighton Kemptown and holding Hove in spectacular style.

image of Peter Kyle MP at the House of Commons
Peter Kyle MP

Peter Kyle MP pulled off a spectacular victory in Hove by increasing his majority to 18,757 against 1,236 last time winning 36,942 votes against the Tories 18,185 on a turnout of 78%.

Kyle won the seat in 2015 by a whisker and has quickly earned a reputation as being one of the best new MPs of his generation.

It really shows that if we are lucky enough to get a good MP it bucks all voting trends as the electorate sticks with a winner.

Election 2017-Labour’s Brighton Night

In Kemptown Lloyd Russell-Moyle destroyed the Conservatives winning 58.3% of the vote with 28,703 against incumbent Simon Kirby’s 18,835, a majority of 9,868.

image of lloyd Russell-Moyle MP
lloyd Russell-Moyle MP

Labour had run a campaign in part calling Mr Kirby ‘the invisible MP’. 

One Kemptown voter said;

“In the last six years it was impossible for many to get to see Kirby as their MP. 

Labour’s campaign was good from the start with residents being knocked up as soon as the campaign started, and we received at least two leaflet drops, the final one on election morning.

Whereas we didn’t receive a single thing from the Conservatives.”

In Brighton Pavilion Green MP Caroline Lucas won with a comfortable majority of 14,689. she won 30,139 votes against 2nd place Labour on 15,450.

image of Caroline Lucas MP talks to William Mills
Caroline Lucas MP talks to William Mills

Election 2017-Labour’s Brighton Night

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