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Report Praises Labour Run Council



According to the latest City Tracker report published today, residents say the council is improving under Labour.

A majority of residents – 55% – think the council is now making “wise use of money”, an 18% jump on last year.

Brighton and Hove City Council

72% of residents are now satisfied with how clean their street is, up significantly from 57% under the Greens last year.

Satisfaction with refuse collecting has doubled from 31% to 64%. The figures for recycling are even better with 67% happy, up from 44% under the Greens.

Cllr Gill Mitchell, Labour, said:

These figures prove that the steps we have taken since May are winning approval from residents and hopefully will lead to better recycling levels.”

Cllr Warren Morgan, Leader of the City Council, said:

We pledged when we took over from the Greens that we would end the drift and division, and get the basics right.

This first measure of how the Labour Administration is doing is very encouraging, with residents saying that services are getting better, despite the unprecedented cuts being imposed on us by the Conservative Government.

We have got a grip on council finances by reducing the overspend by £8 million, and now we have evidence that the changes we are making to service delivery are already having a positive effect.”

Almost a quarter of residents say they won’t have enough money to meet their basic living costs in the coming year, proving that the council is right to focus efforts to help through the Fairness Commission.

The Conservatives, who ran a minority administration between 2007 and 2011 had not replied to our request for a comment by the time we published.

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