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As a new Columnist for “the-news.co” I feel it may be appropriate to say why I am so passionate about our community, the way our local councillors represent us, and why our local political culture is so important.

I must admit that I do not think of Brighton (I need to consciously add ‘and Hove’) as a city.  Brighton and Hove, to me, was the most exciting, vibrant, and cosmopolitan area I had ever been to when I arrived as a student in 1969.


It still is and I love the place even more as I appreciate its style and culture and am able to compare with the rest of the UK and, for that matter, many towns and cities throughout the world.

Our community, in the main, is bohemian, not judgmental, welcoming and accepting or perhaps just ‘laid back’. It is a place of learning but also of leisure.

It is bursting with culture and alternative lifestyles yet still a centre of enterprise and economic endeavor. It is a special place!

How can such a wonderful place be so moribund when it comes to local government?

How can a culture of bullying and, some would argue, corruption and incompetence be endemic within our City Council.

We have the first Green MP in the country who has to be regarded as honourable and genuine whatever your political views, we have a typical Tory, and the only Labour MP (although not radical – leave that to Caroline!) within miles of anyone proud to call themselves progressive.

We have a current administration that is run via classical machine politics, lacking a philosophy and ideology and only concerned with control, we have a Conservative presence (I cannot say, with any level of sincerity, opposition) that is still recovering from past internal battles.

And we have the Greens, principled and honest but naïve and lacking in ability to move beyond opposition.

Interestingly the present administration is gaining, and will gain, kudos from some of the work from the last administration but, perhaps unfairly, this is always the case nationally or locally. Change is never immediate although Jeremy Corbyn may change the rules.

Remember; if you wish to have an issue raised or have a special “beef” just let your “Say so” columnist know.  

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