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Labour To Lead Brighton Council


After the Brighton & Hove City Council Elections last week left Labour as the largest party it is likely they will form an administration.

Cllr Warren Morgan, Leader of the Labour and Co-operative Group, said:

Cllr Warren Morgan
Cllr Warren Morgan

I am grateful to voters across Brighton and Hove for electing Labour councillors in large numbers, making us the biggest group on the city council.Labour candidates won 20,000 more votes than the Conservatives, and as many seats as the Greens won in 2011.

We gained 12 seats from the Greens whilst the Conservatives gained just one, so Labour has a clear mandate in terms of seats gained and votes won to lead the city council.

We will lead a Labour council which will implement the sensible policies we put to voters having listened to them on the issues that matter to them: getting our basic refuse, recycling and street cleaning running properly, tackling the issues of housing and poverty, making our city’s economy work for everyone, and getting the city’s transport networks and roads working as they should.

We will ask all councillors of all parties to support these common goals that will benefit our city, and we will work constructively and co-operatively with them. The next elections are four years away. It is time to put political rivalry and advantage to one side and put Brighton and Hove first.

Our city and our residents face enormous challenges under very difficult circumstances, but we will lead with purpose and vision, based on our values of fairness and co-operation, to get the best for everyone in Brighton and Hove.”

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