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UKIP’s Kevin Smith Battles Hecklers To Get Message Across


By William Mills

UKIP’s parliamentary candidate for Hove, Kevin Smith braved hecklers at only his second public speaking event in Brighton’s Thistle Hotel.

UKIP Kevin Smith
UKIP Kevin Smith

Last night the Argus newspaper hosted a hustings for five parliamentary candidates including ex MPs Simon Kirby and Caroline Lucas.

Speaking after the event which was chaired by Mike Gilson, the Argus’ editor, Kevin Smith spoke of his initial nervousness at addressing a crowd of about 250.

Kevin Smith said;

“We were all given two minutes to make a speech. Kirby went first then I followed. I was immediately heckled as soon as I started to speak. The chair did intervene but I was completely thrown, and as I wasn’t given any extra time allowance I was unable to finish my speech.

I said; ‘I’m not a politician. I got into politics because I was fed up with politicians.’ There was actually a ripple of laughter through the crowd at this. I went on; ‘ Politicians are always trying to fix the issue after it is broken and in the meantime we have to pay the price. The art of management is to identity what is going to break and fix it before it happens.’

I was surprised at how partisan the crowd were. Clearly many were political activists from the different parties and when asked to identify themselves a number said they were council election candidates. I would have preferred a wider audience of residents who were there to listen to the arguments before making their minds up.

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  1. I am standing for Ukip in Hangleton and Knoll ward and must mention my disgust in the way our candidate Kevin was treated he is the same as all the other candidates who are up for election and must be given the chance to voice his opinion, it really annoys me when people from other parties heckle and shout him down. They are not political but people who think they should voice there opinion on behalf of certain parties which are not worthy of a mention I wonder if they would like I if we done this to them. After all Ukip want to better things for this country and give the constitutes a better way of living.


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