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UKIP Storms Rottingdean In Tough Tory Challenge


Cllr Ian Buchanan (left)

By William Mills

On a bright and sunny April afternoon UKIP’s Ian Buchanan flooded Rottingdean with supporters and volunteer helpers in this once safe Brighton Tory stronghold. 

Councillor Ian Buchanan, UKIP’s parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven visited Rottingdean Coastal ward for an afternoon of canvassing and was upbeat about his prospects.

Ian Buchanan said;

I think there is all to play for. The electorate are tired of the traditional LibLabCon whose policies have all moved to the centre and therefore you can’t place a piece of tissue paper between them.

I’ve loved Rottingdean every time I’ve visited it since I was a child and my parents used to drive down for the day from our home in Surrey.

The reason UKIP is a like a breath of fresh air to our voters is that we have open and transparent policies that relate to ordinary people. UKIP listens to their concerns and the manifesto reflects this.


Clive Hickman (left) and Ian Buchanan (right)
Clive Hickman (left) and Ian Buchanan (right)


Asked why did he think the people of Rottingdean were warming to you?

He replied;

The people are realising that UKIP will fight for a better allocation of the adult social services budget than exists at present.

UKIP will fund this out of the 55 million pounds a day we will save by leaving the EU, as well as by carefully reducing the international aid budget where possible.

As a child I fondly remember climbing over the rocks and paddling in the pools before finally settling in nearby Peacehaven 30 years ago.

It is clear that UKIP is an open and friendly party, and our manifesto addresses the concerns of everyday people and therefore we shall run a positive campaign based on our policies and not attack individuals of other parties.

Cllr Buchanan is a pleasant down to earth person who is easy to talk to. He had a sizable group of supporters and seemed to find time for everybody.

Rottingdean Wishing Well
Rottingdean Wishing Well


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  1. It is refreshing to see UKIP are a party willing to get to grips with important social issues. I believe the old establishment parties are really out of touch with ordinary people and it is baffling why they virtually worship the Eu. No one can ever tell me one good reason why we need the Eu when a European Free Trade Treaty would meet all the needs of free trade and cooperation.

    As for immigration, UKIP are finally being copied by all the main parties who agree that border control is actually a good idea. Pity the extremist parties like the Greens and the fringe hard left groups like SWP, UAF still ini9st that border controls are racist! The next time a murderer strikes because they weren’t picked up by border checks the blood will be on these extermist’s hands.

  2. Great to see UKIP out and about and standing up to the forces that want to destroy our country. We are a small island and yet it seems hundreds of thousands want to come here for money and free benefits. The nurses and Doctors who come should be ashamed of themselves for having abandoned their people back home. Its time this country faced up to training our own people to fill these vital jobs instead of stealing them from poor nations like the Philippines, Africa and Eastern Europe. Its no better than the colonial days! And look what all this demand is doing to house prices and rents. Kids can no longer afford to live there is so much demand. The greens think it is okay to concrete over the countryside and destroy our fields and trees but what will they gain? Just a bigger population and cheap wages to make the profits of the corporations bigger. UKP make sense to me and I should know as I come from Barcelona, but many years ago.


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