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Election 2015: UKIP In Brighton Pavilion


By William Mills

I caught up with Nigel Carter, UKIP’s parliamentary candidate for Brighton Pavilion against the Greens Caroline Lucas and Labour’s Purna Sen.

Nigel Carter said;

We are disappointed that a number of candidates backed out because of intimidation. In the Council elections taking place on the same day as the General Election,UKIP has three each standing in Brighton Pavilion and Kemptown and twenty in Hove.

The reason for the high number in Hove is that some people have moved to Hove as it is seen as a safer place and in solidarity with colleagues.We have just seen  51,500 leaflets delivered across Pavilion. We have done an enormous amount of work in hustings.

All the candidates are being challenged with exhaustion but it is a pleasure to take part in live ‘Question Time’ events because it involves debates with people.It has been a very good democratic experience which contrasts with the loutish behavior of some of our opponents on the street.

We have never been a racist, homophobic or fascist party. We are a British libertarian party that sees politics through the eyes of the individual. We do not believe in left and right-we believe in right and wrong.

We ask the question;’How well is each person served by their government?’

The other parties have all failed. All of them want to stay in the EU which is holding us back and costing us billions and all of them are quite happy about it. Whereas we in UKIP will stop wasting our money overseas and bring it home to  protect our frontline services especially the NHS.

We have better priorities;You, our democracy and our country.

The new leaflet, ‘The Truth of UKIP’ is being rolled out across the constituency. Although we are getting 16% of the vote in the opinion polls, these exclude the undecided who can make up to 40% of the total so there is all to play for.

Nigel Farage and Nigel Carter
Nigel Farage and Nigel Carter
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