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Can Labour Reclaim Muesli Mountain From The Greens?


Cllr Emma Daniel

By William Mills

Brighton and Hove City Council Election 2015-Elm Grove and Hanover Ward

Councillor Emma Daniel, winner of landmark 2013 by-election when Labour finally turned the tide against the Green Party’s onslaught, spoke of her optimism in the forth coming City Council election which takes place on May 7.

Cllr Emma Daniel 2

Cllr Daniel said;

We’re worked consistently hard on community issues. People have said to us that they can feel the difference. In fact we have been campaigning for the last 18 months, and we simply couldn’t have worked any harder.

We have only recently started to see Green Party activists out campaigning. In the previous election some of their supporters behaved badly which put electors off. The Binmen’s strike also damaged them, and I wonder if it is sensible for them to rely so heavily on the students’ vote.

However I would say that David Gibson [Green Partycandidate] behaved well and  is a lovely candidate to stand against.Before the Greens seemed unbeatable but since my by election victory Labour supporters now know they are not. Labour supporters generally turn out much more for a General Election.

Whilst I do understand that some voters feel a warmth towards Caroline Lucas MP, however I don’t think this extends to their councillors.I’m quietly confident that Labour will win the [council] election and form the next administration. After all we are already second in all the wards we are hoping to win and which we will need for a majority. Labour is campaigning to win.

Cllr Emma Daniel 3

Elm Grove and Hanover has been nicknamed the ‘Museli Mountain’ with its steep, compact streets interspersed with pretty houses. Once a Labour stronghold, it became Green, and in 2011 they won all three seats, one of which Cllr Daniel subsequently won back in her epic 2013 by election victory.

Cllr Emma Daniel

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