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Battle For Muesli Mountain Hots Up


Green candidate Hollie Wharam-Moscrop

By William Mills

“We are a serious party!” Insists David Gibson. In an exclusive interview Green candidates David Gibson and Hollie Wharam-Moscrop describe how they hope to win Hanover and Elm Grove ward in next month’s Brighton and Hove City Council elections thereby keeping the Muesli Mountain firmly Green.


Hollie Wharam and David Gibson
Hollie Wharam-Moscrop and David Gibson


Hanover and Elm Grove is the crucial swing seat, with three councillors, holding the city’s future. Once a Labour stronghold it was painstakingly won by the Green Party over a series of elections.

But at a by election in 2013 Labour sensationally won back a seat from the Greens by the slenderest of majorities. The big question is whether on May 7 Labour can capture the other two seats and go on to form a governing majority or whether the shock defeat was a temporary hitch in the Green advance across Brighton.(and Hove)

“The by election came at the worst possible time for us just ten days after the binmen’s strike.” Gibson said.


David Gibson
David Gibson


In 2011 the Greens made major gains across the city taking Tory seats in Central Hove, Withdean, and Goldsmid wards. As the largest party, but without an overall majority, the Greens formed a minority administration.

Many political pundits have called the Greens a protest party, a flash in the pan, with voters returning to Labour.

“Since the 1970’s the Labour and Conservative share of the vote has fallen with the rise of the minority parties.” Dave Gibson explained. “The Greens are now the largest party in Brighton in terms of membership and number of councillors. We also have one of the three MPs, and we are here to stay.”

Fellow candidate Hollie Wharam-Moscrop added;

“On the leaders’ TV debate there were seven national party leaders. Last time in 2010 there were only three.”

Hollie Wharam at 21 is one of the youngest candidates standing. Born locally, her parents live in the ward and she attended Elm Grove school. She then left Brighton to go to Liverpool University where she studied politics and history. She has also travelled widely.

“Washington DC and Russia were the most memorable places I’ve visited.” She said.

We walked up the hill in the light drizzle to see a street with one Labour window sticker and twelve Green Party ones.

“There are stories circulating that the Greens are finished in the Council elections and all your effort is being directed into saving Caroline Lucas in the parliamentary contest.” I told Gibson.

He immediately discounted this. “We only had Caroline’s window posters available so our supporters have had to use those for the time being. Our council elections ones are due from the printers shortly.” He said.

Indeed, only a couple of months ago the Tories were using their MP’s literature in neighbouring Queen’s Park for lack of anything else to deliver.

Hanover and Elm Grove will be the tightest contest of the Council elections and the finish will be nail bitingly close.


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