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UKIP Increases Its Hove Presence


By William Mills

UKIP Hove and Portslade are now fielding 17 candidates for the forthcoming Brighton and Hove City Council elections in May, and every ward is now represented.

UKIP Kevin Smith
UKIP Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith, as well as standing in the local council election, is UKIP’s candidate in the General Election which returns MPs to Westminister in the national parliamentary elections held on the same date.

This is the first time UKIP have fielded candidates in each ward so everyone in the City can vote for them if they wish.

Mr Smith said;

We are also getting  very positive feedback from the voters and, are feeling quietly confident, especially with all the disharmony among the other parties. UKIP Brighton & Hove has been restructured due to it’s enormous growth in the past year.

Brighton Pavilion is now a separate branch, fortunate in having the hugely experienced Nigel Carter who has set up and is developing the new UKIP Brighton Pavilion constitency party . Nigel is also standing as the Parliamentary candidate there.

In Hove we now have Patricia Mountain as the new branch chairwoman. She is a very active member of the party, and is also standing as council candidate for Hangleton & Knoll ward.Our membership has increased significantly in the last year and we want to take full advantage of our new found popularity and increase it further.

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  1. Am delighted with the rise in UKIP. I was UKIP before there was UKIP.
    Cannot wait for the election to be here. Hope we have a LANDSLIDE. BEST OF LUCK, and many thanks FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK !!! Patricia.


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