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Labour Is Strong On Law And Order


 Peter Kyle, Labour’s PPC for Hove on the seafront

By William Mills

Peter Kyle is Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Hove and Portslade and the front runner to win according to bookmakers’ Ladbrokes in this closely fought race.

He is the most article and best educated candidates of the we have interviewed so far, being a charming young man who is easy to talk with as well as being a good listener, sadly a rarity among politicians today.

Peter Kyle said;

I’m proud of the community campaigns we have taken part in during the course of this campaign. Our aim is to bring politics back to the high street. People usually find it hard to meet politicians once they are elected but with our shop the Labour Party ensures easy access.

photo of Alan Johnson MP and Peter Kyle
Alan Johnson MP and Peter Kyle


Mr Kyle heads a team of more than fifty volunteers who have worked incredibly hard over the last 18 months trying to contact all their voters on at least four times. The team has delivered over 100,000 pieces of literature in the last three months alone and is visiting residents at the rate of 10,000 a month.

Help Small Businesses

Mr Kyle identified three priorities.

Brighton & Hove have a large number of small businesses and self employed yet the Council is giving little or no help. He wants to change this.

Better rights on housing for all. Really good landlords are fed up with the cowboys and welcome a clean up of the rules.

Youth unemployment needs tackling and colleges must give them the skills to succeed.

Mr Kyle is passionate about the NHS and said;

If the Tories privatise it we will never get it back.

Labour also appears to have stolen the march on Law and Order. The Tories seem surprisingly weak on this area having weakened ASBOs and Control Orders and seem to be split as a party on these issues.

Mr Kyle went out with the Police ‘shadowing’ them to learn how they operate and which issues were important to them.

Serving the community and standing up for residents is their number one priority. The PCSOs are doing a fantastic job. At a recent meeting local residents gave them spontaneous applause and it was really great to see the level of gratitude coming forth.

I found it a revelation how much the Police are trying to promote the community in which we live. They really care.

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