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Labour Councillor To Defect to UKIP


By William Mills

Leigh Farrow
Leigh Farrow

Last night there were reports that a Labour Brighton and Hove City Councillor was defecting to UKIP and an announcement was to be made at today’s Council meeting.

Leigh Farrow, who was elected for Labour in Moulsecomb & Bevendean in 2011 has defected according sources close to UKIP.

Elected with fellow Labour ward councillors Mo Marsh and Anne Meadows, Cllr Farrow came second in the poll with 1,666 votes easily taking the seat from Tory Maria Caulfield (1,068) who is contesting Lewes in 2015.



In response to the news that former Labour Councillor Leigh Farrow had joined UKIP, a spokesperson for the Labour and Co-operative group said:

Leigh Farrow was removed as a Labour candidate following repeated complaints from council staff and party colleagues of unacceptable behaviour, not for any political reason.

If he wishes to seek election in May for UKIP then that is a matter for him, although we would question whether he agrees with UKIP policy of removing rights in the workplace, such as sick leave, health and safety, maternity leave, paid holidays and more, as well as their support for the privatisation of the NHS.

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