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Comfortable UKIP Win At Rochester By- Election


By William Mills

Last night Mark Reckless became the United Kingdom Independence Party’s second member of Parliament defeating the Conservatives in their once safe seat of Rochester and Strood.

Nigel Farage

David Cameron poured everything he had got. Yet he was no match for UKIP’s leader Nigel Farage whose reputation of telling the voters the truth is paying huge dividends where it matters the most-at the the polls.

The Liberal Democrats lost their deposit after gaining only 349 votes, The winner, UKIP’s Reckless got 16,867 giving him a majority of 2,920.

Clegg should resign

Surely the Lib Dem  leader Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has lost all right to his ministerial perks? Years of hard work building up the Lib Dems have been thrown away to provide the current leadership with a few gongs. In some other countries an outraged party activist would have finished him.

The Tories have missed the point entirely over immigration. It’s not about benefits. It’s about English people losing their jobs to immigrants and having to beg. It’s about waiting in queues while the new foreign masters swagger in front.

David Cameron’s party is losing its working class vote to UKIP. It’s losing the middle and upper classes too.

Labour would have been so much better off under Ed’s older brother David Milliband. It is ironic that the trade union movement should see its choice of leader of the Labour Party, Ed Milliband become dubbed as part of”the wealthy Islington set’.

Given the state of its opponents UKIP is going to rise and rise.

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