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Leaving EU Will Solve Immigration Says UKIP Councillor


Ian Buchanan, a Sussex local councillor who is now standing for Parliament in next year’s General Election for UKIP talks to William Mills about their chances of an electoral breakthrough.

“We are attracting support across the board.” He said. “We are gaining new supporters at a ratio of 3 former Tories to 1 Labour. We  are also picking up Liberal voters and more importantly disenfranchised voters that have not voted for (in some cases) 20+ years; 

Cllr Ian Buchanan
Cllr Ian Buchanan

“Historically the Labour Party were the party of the people and had the support of traditional blue collar workers. Yet they felt let down by Tony Blair’s 1997 Government when it opened Britain’s door to 4 ½ million immigrants and perhaps another 1 million of illegals which resulted in blue collar workers being forced out of the workplace amidst a stagnation in wages.

“British people are finding their voice to express their worries about immigration but are also fearful about being accused of being racist.

“UKIP’s leader Nigel Farage is neither racist nor against immigration. Instead he calls for quality over quantity.

“In 2010 Cameron said his Tory led coalition Government would cut immigration to 10s of thousands. This hasn’t happened. Instead they have cut immigration from non EU sources shutting out highly qualified professionals including doctors and IT specialists and cutting ties with our Commonwealth partners.

“The bedrock of the EU is free movement of peoples to live and work in any of the members countries. As the EU constantly expands Britain will be hit with unending waves of fresh immigration.

“Our only option is to come out of the EU and take our sovereignty back. UKIP is not anti Europe. It is anti EU with its dual parliaments in Brussels and Strasbourg. Of course we will still trade with individual European countries. The Germans will still want to sell us their cars and lagers. The UK will still buy French cheeses and fine wines.

“UKIP will go into the General Election competing to win. I believe Britain is open to the UKIP earthquake. When the Government stops listening to people’s fears then voters become disenfranchised and disillusioned.”


Councillor Ian Buchanan, 62, was first elected in 2005 for Peacehaven Town Council as a Conservative after a friend asked him to get involved. He paid £1,250 from his own money to equip a town crier and campaigned against anti social behaviour.

Born into a traditional Tory household he derives his income from property development and joined UKIP in March 2013 before winning an East Sussex County Council seat that May for his new party in the Peacehaven, Telescombe and East Saltdean division.

He is now UKIP’s parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown challenging the incumbent Tory MP, Simon Kirby.

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