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Labour’s Vote Holds In Cumbria By Election Test



Due to the death of a sitting Labour councillor there were two by elections today on 11 September.

In the last elections for the Carlisle Castle City Council seat UKIP came second to Labour beating the Tories into 3rd place.

On 11 September the by election was won by Labour’s Alan Taylor

Last time  the share of the votes cast was;                   11 September result

  • Labour                  37%                                                           38%
  • UKIP                      23%                                                           21%
  • Conservative      19%                                                           22%



In the other by election for Cumbria County Council Labour again held its seat

Last time’s votes cast was;                                                 11 September result  

  • Labour                    41%                                                             37%
  • Lib Dem                  23%                                                            10%
  • UKIP                         20%                                                           22%
  • Conservative        11%                                                             22%


Labour’s share of the vote has held up  once again. UKIP seem to be only making gains in the Tory heartland. The Liberal Democrats are seeing their vote see-sawing.

Labour is the traditional British social democratic, founder of the Welfare State tax and spend party. The Tories in 2010 accepted the outgoing Labour Government’s spending plans must be an identical party? If they raise an identical amount of money and give it to the same Civil Servants to spend exactly as before, how can they be any different?


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