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UKIP Hammers Tories In Council By Election Triumph


 UKIP Leader Nigel Farage MEP

By William Mills

In three council by elections held on 4 September Labour held on to two and UKIP had a spectacular win from the Tories in Kent.

Labour held  their Surrey Heath District Council  seat where both Labour and Conservatives suffered a big drop in votes cast, albeit with turnover down to 20% from 34% last time.  In contrast UKIP had a huge 30% surge in votes cast.

Labour also held Oxford Carfax on a 9% turnout which is too low to draw meaningful comparisons from other than UKIP got the same number of votes as the Tories, with  also the Green vote badly down.

UKIP Wins!

UKIP won their Shepway District Council seat in Kent from the Tories whose vote halved although both the Labour and the Liberal Democrats vote held up.

UKIP’s unstoppable march makes grim reading for the Tories.

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