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Wind Farms No Easy Fix Says Top Tory


By William Mills

Tory senior statesman and former Energy Secretary, Lord Howell hits out against plans for new off shore wind farm

German energy giant E.ON has been given go ahead to build 175 huge wind turbines stretching along the Sussex coast from Worthing to Seaford and at only 8 miles offshore the turbines at over 600 foot tall with be visible on a clear day.

Lord  Howell, said;

Lord David Howell
Lord David Howell

“Offshore wind farms remain by far the most expensive form of electricity generation– 90 per cent more than fossil fuel generators and 50 per cent more than nuclear. Furthermore the costs of installing them is rising ,not falling, as was hoped earlier. They are also of course intermittent suppliers, halting when the wind drops and relying on gas-fired stations to be ready with back-up supplies. They make only a very limited contribution to reducing carbon and combating climate change .

The huge subsidy required to get them built and operating is met mostly by the consumer. Every family in the land and every energy-using industry is paying these subsidies. In due course they are bound to be cut as the burden on industry and hard pressed households becomes intolerable. Many investors in offshore wind, hoping for big profits, will be disappointed.

Wind energy has a modest part to play in Britain’s energy future. But wise supporters of renewable energy will only invest in them cautiously and slowly, hoping for the day when the costs eventually come down.”

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