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Labour Needs A Brighton MP


 Harriet Harmon MP and Purna Sen


“Brighton Pavilion needs a Labour MP”, says Harriet Harman 


Launching the parliamentary election campaign of Purna Sen, Labour candidate for Brighton Pavilion,

Harriet Harman MP, Labour’s Deputy Leader said;

I want Purna to be in Parliament – not just because she will be another Labour MP, getting rid of a Green MP, but she will be a progressive beacon as a woman whose absolute values and commitment have shone through in everything she has done. I think, Purna , you have already made a great difference to many people in this country and all around the world. …so we do need you to be elected.”

Harriet Harman MP

Harriet Harman was speaking at a packed launch event attended by Labour members and supporters in Brighton on Tuesday 15th July.


Harriet Harman added,

People keep hearing there’s a recovery but they say it hasn’t come to their doorstep yet. That’s why people in Brighton Pavilion deserve an MP like Purna Sen who works for a party that can bring change to the city. Labour is the only party that will tackle unfairness in the system and end the cost of living crisis. We want fair rents, fair rail fares and fair business rates. Purna has already made a great difference to many people and could do even more as MP.”


David Lepper, who retired as Labour MP for the constituency in 2010 , said ,

Purna is an exceptional local candidate who loves the City , and has a vision for how it can become a better and fairer place in which to live. Her work over many years for Amnesty and for the Commonwealth has given her real first-hand experience and understanding of dealing withvital issues – including the impact of climate change. “


Commenting from his own experience on the positive influence backbench Labour MPs can have on policy when there is a Labour government, David Lepper added,

Brighton Pavilion deserves an MP who is not just a lone, powerless voice of protest and complaint but who really can influence policy. And that means making sure we elect a Labour government and a Labour MP – Purna Sen”.


Sue Marsh, national campaigner for the welfare state and disability rights, also said;

 I desperately need more people like Purna in Parliament, who are serious about equality issues. That way, things might start to change for disabled people”.


Purna Sen said,

I am delighted that my campaign has so much support from activists, business people and those who have not been involved in politics before.   I can assure them all that when elected, I will bring my best influence to bear on behalf of the people of Brighton Pavilion. Having an MP in the governing Party will give us national influence on issues that affect us in this city.’

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