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UKIP’s Historic Night


Euro Elections 2014

Nationally UKIP topped the polls winning with 4,350,000 votes, comfortably ahead of both Labour and third placed Conservatives.

UKIP now have 23 MEPs overall.

In the South East region UKIP beat the Tories in their heartland. UKIP now has four seats, Conservatives three, with Labour, Greens and Liberal Democrats each getting one each.

Ray Finch MEP
Ray Finch MEP


Speaking exclusively to us Ray Finch MEP said;

We are really pleased with last night’s result. Yet, it is just a stepping stone to winning seats at Westminster which is our real goal.  We cannot rely on other parties to hold the In/OUT referendum on Europe.

For so long people have been denied the truth which has been hidden from them. MEPs told the people time and time again that no sovereignty would be lost to Brussels. The people have been deceived and deserve better.

I have no plans to move to Brussels and work in a foreign country. I’ve lived in the same house in Lee Park, Havant for the last 23 years and it’s my home.

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