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UKIP-The People’s Choice

Clear favourites in the European Elections are UKIP.

Nigel Farage

Ray Finch
Ray Finch

As UKIP are likely to win the most seats we name all ten candidates here;

1. Nigel Farage

2. Janice Atkinson

3. Diane James

4. Ray Finch

5. Donna Edmunds

6. Patricia Culligan

7. Nigel Jones

8. Alan Stevens

9. Simon Strutt

10. Barry Cooper

Speaking to Ray Finch earlier, the leader of UKIP on Hampshire County Council said;

I’m confident of a huge score tomorrow showing a considerable advance of UKIP across all the regions of the UK.

We have been subjected to considerable attacks in the media and by other political parties with so called activists in the Socialist Workers Party and Unite Against Fascism becoming tools of the establishment.

However UKIP is the only party supported by the ordinary people of the UK and they will not be fooled.

UKIP is set for an historic win!

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