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Labour’s New South East MEP



Anneliese Dodds is Labour’s new MEP for the South East region.

Anneliese Dodds MEP
Anneliese Dodds MEP


Describing herself as a researcher and lecturer in public policy and campaigner for social justice, Anneliese Dodds grew up in Scotland before moving southwards in 1996. She is currently a lecturer in Public Policy at Aston University in Birmingham.

An active trade unionist, she is member of both Unite and UCU.

Speaking after the result she said;

I’m honoured to have been elected as an MEP for the South East region of England. I will spend the months to come making sure our region gets the best from Europe, and that the European Union is reformed so it focuses on the growth and jobs we desperately need in this region.

These European results, and the local election results, show that in every single county of the South East, Labour’s message, on housing, on zero hours contracts, on childcare- is connecting with people.

The European Union is seen by many as a distant decision making body but I am determined to be a visible presence and make sure voices are heard.

Nationally Labour came second in the polls with 25.4% of the votes cast receiving just over 4,018,000, and now have 18 MEPs up from 11 last time.



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