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Fire Death Risk If Engines Are Cut- Says Labour



Number of Fire Deaths Predicted To Rise In Brighton and Hove If Engine Cuts Go Ahead
‘Sign petition now to oppose the unluckiest lottery of all,’ Nancy Platts.

Fire Brigade

Labour’s Nancy Platts is urging people to sign a petition and speak out against cuts to the fire service in East Sussex that will put lives at risk and create the unluckiest lottery of all.
If cost cutting measures get the go ahead a fire engine will be lost from either Preston Circus or Hove.


“We all need to know that if we have to call 999 we will get the help we need.” She said.
“There are only five fire engines for the whole of Brighton and Hove, these proposals would take one away at a time when our population is growing and more properties are being built.


All Labour members of the fire authority have committed to voting against the extreme cuts to the fire service but Tory, Liberal Democrat, Green and UKIP county councillors have either voted in favour of consultation on this plan or have expressed no view against the cuts.

Residents can contact their councillor and ask them to save our fire service by visiting <<ahref=”http://www.saveourfireservice.org.uk/” target=”_blank”>www.saveourfireservice.org.uk
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