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“March for England Not Welcome Here, ” says Labour


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Leading Labour Party figures in Brighton oppose  ‘The March for England’ due on Sunday 27 April

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Councillor Warren Morgan, Leader of the City Council’s Labour and Co-operative Party Group says, “The March for England is seen by many as being closely associated with far-right racist groups like the English Defence League. Their march causes fear amongst residents and disruption to businesses. I have told organisers to their face that they should take their event elsewhere and are not welcome in our City.”

PPC Lab Purna Sen
PPC Lab  Purna Sen


Purna Sen

Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Brighton Pavilion says, “I am proud to live in such a tolerant and diverse place as Brighton and Hove. Its diversity is one of the factors that makes Brighton and Hove such an interesting place in which to live and adds to the City’s international reputation. Much of the event will take place in the Brighton Pavilion constituency and that is no place for an event which many associate with a message of intolerance and hatred.

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UAF Protester shouts at UKIP meeting
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