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Women’s Issues With Labour’s Purna Sen


Labour Party Press Release

Purna Sen Labour PPC Brighton Pavilion
Purna Sen Labour PPC Brighton Pavilion

Purna Sen, Labour’s Parliamentary candidate for Brighton Pavilion, who is challenging the Green’s sitting MP Caroline Lucas in May 2015, issued the following;

“Violence against women and girls is a scourge on the health, life and dignity of millions of women across the world.  A billion women will experience some form of violence in their lifetimes – whether that is domestic violence, rape, sexual assault, genital mutilation or killing.  In the UK, over 80,000 rapes are reported each year and two women per week are killed by current or former partners.

“Having worked on this issue for decades, across many countries, advising governments and supporting community organisations,  I know very well both how much work there is to do  and how much commitment and determination have gone into putting violence against women on the public agenda and into the public consciousness.

As part of the One Billion Rising initiative, I am proud to stand with others to acknowledge the progress made by forward-looking governments, to honour the women whose lives have been lost and to applaud the women who have rid themselves of fear so as to find safety for themselves and their children.”
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