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Labour Heats Up Brighton Council Tax Hike Row


By Our Political Team

The war of words of Brighton & Hove City Council’s Council Tax hike hots up with Labour calling on the Green administration to go….

photo of Labour Party supporters
B&H Labour Party Team

Three Labour parliamentary candidates called on the Green’s to go in the following statement:

“It shames our city that the Green Party’s answer to the cost of living crisis that so many residents talk to us about is an inflation-busting tax rise. The resulting referendum in Brighton and Hove would spend money that should be used elsewhere. If this goes ahead the Greens must set out how much it is costing tax payers.

“People in Brighton and Hove are already being hit hard by the cost of living crisis that this Tory/Lib Dem Government has failed to address. Now we have a local Green administration that doesn’t have any answers except a referendum. People on the doorstep are telling us that they have to make tough financial choices every day but the Green Party has shown it is not capable of doing the same.

“We are fully behind the Labour Group’s No Confidence motion, the Greens have shown they are struggling to cope and therefore it’s time for them to hand over responsibility so the people of Brighton and Hove can get the services and support they deserve.”

Peter Kyle, Hove and Portslade.
Nancy Platts, Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven.
Purna Sen, Brighton Pavilion.

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