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Green Party Tax Hike Opposed By Tory MP


By Our Political Team

The ruling Green Party on Brighton & Hove City Council plans for a WHOOPING increase in Council Tax on already struggling residents and were opposed by a local Tory MP.

Kirby St James St.Simon Kirby, Member of Parliament for Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven, has branded the proposal from the Green administration to increase council tax in Brighton and Hove by 4.75% as irresponsible and a costly gimmick.

He said: “The previous Labour administration doubled  Council tax but I would call on Labour councillors to now abandon their previous policy of supporting council tax increases in the city and join with the Conservatives in opposing this huge hike. Council tax is one of the biggest bills faced by many of my constituents and this plan by the Green administration for an eye-watering 4.75% rise in bills is outrageous.

“The Government is doing all it can to help people with the cost of living, for instance by lifting 2.4 million of the lowest earners out of income tax altogether, reducing the average taxpayers bill by £700 and cutting fuel duty. It is also investing in the pupil premium and increasing spending on the NHS, whilst reducing the biggest peace-time deficit in a hundred years.

“We know that residents in the city would prefer to see the City Council tackling the waste and inefficiencies within the council itself before demanding even more money from local residents.

“I am sure that residents would prefer to see Council tax frozen when they are already contributing £18 million in parking charges to the City Council in the last year alone.”

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