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Brighton Labour and Tory Councillors Finally Vote Together


By William Mills

photo of Brighton Town Hall
Brighton Town Hall


Brighton and Hove City Council have announcing some free parking in the run up to Christmas at some of the city centre car parks in a measure which will do nothing to increase the number of spaces nor help those carrying heavy parcels from shop to car.

However it is a milestone that a Conservative Councillor combined with Labour Leader Councillor Warren Morgan to out vote Green Leader Councillor Jason Kitcat.

Since 2000 when Brighton and Hove combined to become one city no political party has ever had an overall majority on the City Council.

Is it not time to do away with political parties in local government for good?

Let individual councillors run for office on their own merits and not as a party placement.

The best local Government in Britain is the City Of London which traditionally doesn’t permit party politics and everybody runs as an independent.

This would also stop the shameful practice of old and infirm councillors, who should have long since retired, clinging to their seats for ‘ one last term’ and collecting another £50,000 in allowances whilst doing so.


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