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Housing Horror For Students-Says Labour


Labour Party Press Release

Halloween came early when the House of Horror Road Show arrived yesterday (October 30th) to find out about the rogue landlords renting out fright night style properties to students in Brighton.

The House of Horrors stand was set up at the University of Sussex and staffed by zombies who’d come to hear students’ rental horror stories.

One student told the zombies how their house had been so unclean they couldn’t move in and it is unsafe but they get no replies from the landlord.

House of Horrors4

Nancy Platts, Labour’s parliamentary candidate in Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven, said: “Students are already telling us about properties that are not fit to live in, let alone worth the large rents they are charged.

“Some properties have damp and issues with plumbing that letting agencies and the landlords either do nothing about or take an age to put right.

“This is unacceptable but sadly it’s seen as the norm and we’ll be campaigning to make sure it changes.”

The Road Show is backed by the Labour Party and Movement for Change and the information will be used as evidence in the Home Sweet Home Campaign which aims to make rogue landlords change their ways.

Peter Kyle, Labour’s General Election candidate in Hove & Portslade, says poor quality housing is a serious issue across the area that students need help with.

Peter said: “Anyone renting a house deserves to end up with a home and not a horror story. This is a big issue in the area and it means students and honest landlords are losing out to those who cut prices and corners in the rental market.

“We have already heard that some landlords are flouting the safety laws that are in place to keep students safe, that’s not good enough and it needs to change.”

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