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‘We Are Not Racist’ Says UKIP


By our political team

Nigel Farage MEP
Nigel Farage MEP


UKIP released the following statement during a recent by election;

“It is a complete MYTH that UKIP is against immigration, we are against uncontrolled immigration and the open door policy. UKIPs fight is about SPACE not RACE.

UKIP welcomes a multicultural society where everyone can play a part to make the UK a good place to live, but, we must be realistic, if we do not control immigration the country will burst at the seams.

Our housing, education, health and social services cannot cope with constantly rising numbers of people coming to live and work here from abroad.

We need a properly controlled system to admit manageable numbers of people who have something to offer our country.We must end benefit and health tourism and give priority to local people.Many immigrants are fine hard-working people who just want to do the best for their families, but we cannot continue to cope with more and more people needing jobs, housing, schools, hospitals and benefits.

Everyone in this world is looking for a better standard of living but sadly the UK cannot look after the world when it can hardly afford to look after it’s own citizens.”

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